On Repeat – 18th June 2019

On Repeat 18th June

Welcome back to On Repeat, the weekly segment where I talk about the songs on my playlist, both old and new, which are constantly on repeat. I have been listening to some amazing tracks in the past week or so. It’s safe to say that these songs are going to be making some serious cash for the artists on the streaming platforms. Lol. Let’s have a look at some of the songs. 

Kiana Lede – Shawty

As mentioned in her EP Review, this is my favorite song. It’s short and sweet. It’s also safe to say that I genuinely like Kiana’s music, she is making great music right now and I sincerely hope that it only gets better from here.

Dennis Lloyd – Never Go Back (Robin Schulz Remix)

The fairly new song by Dennis Lloyd is okay but Robin Schulz makes it even better with his own remix. Let’s say the original was a 7.5 and the remix bumped it up to a 9. This is one of those moments when the remix becomes more popular than the original and I can see the song becoming popular over the weeks.

Simian Mobile Disco – Cruel Intentions

I came across this song while working out the other day in my Dance playlist. How can I describe this song? It just has that 80s Dance vibe that makes me want to keep playing it repeatedly. To my surprise, the song was released in 2009. The song would’ve been more relevant today in a world which is more receptive to dance music.

NEIKED feat Dyo – Sexual

There is a funny story about how I came across this song. It takes me back to 2018 when I first joined Spotify. Sexual was among the first songs that made me love the streaming platform; until Apple Music came along. I’m sure you know this song. Yes, you do. Why don’t you listen to it again?

Timbaland – The Way I Are

You should definitely listen to this song with a good pair of headphones. It will make you realize how good Timbaland was as a producer. The production of this song was way ahead of it’s time. Again, it would’ve been more successful in today’s world as compared to 2007, the year it was released.

That’s it for this segment. New album reviews are coming your way later this week. New segments maybe? Time will tell.

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