Live Rap Shows Suck: My Honest Opinion

live rap shows

So, the annual Summer Jam concert happened over a week ago. Hot 97 decided to showcase the highlights of the show as it happened and it looked like a mess. I may not have seen the whole show but I’m glad I didn’t because most of those rap performances were trash. No, this isn’t going to be me nitpicking every nagging little detail about the live rap show but it will act as a reference for the points I will make here in this article. This is why live hip hop shows suck.

Stage Presence

One of the key aspects of being a successful artist is having the ability to put on a show. You might have a couple of successful hits under your sleeve but if you can’t be able to entertain a crowd, you are as good as a wack artist.

For most rappers, their stage presence can be quite confusing. They don’t possess the same swagger they have when recording the songs. Their only objective, it seems, is to get the crowd hyped rather than actually perform. Tory Lanez was such a case with him making the crowd wave their hands from left to right instead of actually performing the song in the background. I’m sorry Mr. Lanez, people didn’t pay tickets to wave their hands. We can do that for free, thank you.

Others tend to take the squad thing too seriously. For real, you know that one rapper should be performing on stage but you find a bunch of people rapping at the same time. This leaves you to wonder why does he need so much support? Is he not that confident?

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Poor Time Keeping

I don’t care how big these rappers are in the industry; show up in time. Again, people don’t buy tickets to wait for someone. That’s really messed up. What’s even worse is that some rappers even brag about being late to shows and still getting paid lots of money for making an appearance.

It gets worse when some of these rappers don’t put on a good show even after they show up late. Like, are we a joke to you? This happened one time when Davido landed in Kenya. He kept the fans waiting late into the night only to perform for 30 minutes. Talk about a quickie amirite?

Terrible Sound

After watching a lot of live performances, I am convinced that rappers don’t do rehearsals. Why do most of them play the studio recording of the song in the background? Tell me, why do they do that? If I wanted to hear the studio-recorded song, I would have listened to them on Apple Music/Spotify. Why would you make me pay cash just to hear you rap over your studio-recorded song?

Also, most rappers don’t sound that good when they perform live. They just yell their way through it all. This is why I’m not such a huge fan of artists processing their voices in studio sessions because they can’t replicate the same effect during a live performance. What you get is a man jumping up and down trying to sound so tough when he actually sounds like he is whining.

Some live instrumentation would be nice but that would mean extra costs for the performers. It explains why they opt for DJs to handle their sound. As far as I’m concerned, they tend to make everything worse. Let’s talk about them for a minute.

DJs are terrible hypemen

There, I said it. DJs are the worst people to accompany rappers to a live performance. They just keep telling you to make some noise or put your hands up for whatever reason. Some of them go too far to even overshadow the performer.

Let’s try to imagine a concert where you have a studio recorded song playing in the background, the DJ yelling at the crowd telling them to make some noise and the rapper yelling his lyrics. What you’re actually hearing is noise. Pure Noise.

If it were up to me, I would force the rappers to get live bands. It wouldn’t be a bad thing to hear a band rendition of a bass-heavy song. Yes, I understand the increased costs that come with a band but the quality is far more superior to what DJs have to offer. They should stick to playing in clubs and not in concerts.


Away with the DJs. That’s going to be my main mission from today henceforth. I will create a petition, have people sign it and make it a law in the music industry. I will do what it takes even if it means the end of me. 😂😂

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