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Tyga Legendary

There is something that I realized while I was digging for background info about the new album by Tyga. This is his 7th studio album. When did we ever get to number seven? It turns out that he was releasing albums every other year and they had minimal to no attention whatsoever. Like damn, this man really was in a slump. Now, things have changed; well, Taste changed everything for him and people consider him to have made a serious comeback. The new album, Legendary is here but does it solidify the supposed comeback by Tyga?


Legendary is the seventh studio album Tyga has put out in his rap career. It was released via his label, Last Kings. The album title clearly makes a bold statement that he is legendary by his own rights. The cover art seems to suggest that too with the lovely ladies. Sorry, I had to cut it out because I’m a good guy following the strict Google rules. It seems he can walk the talk as the album is already certified gold. Good for him; the album has pushed many sales. Let’s move on to the next question, is it any good?


For the most part, it’s okay. Bass lovers will enjoy this album for how bass-heavy the songs are. My headphones came alive when I pressed play and didn’t stop until the end. This is thanks to the production of the likes of Mustard, Boi-1da, Dr. Luke and D.A. Doman. Y’all remember Dr. Luke right?

The features too are fine with the exception of Gunna. Was it Gunna or Blueface? Hold on, let me confirm who’s who because these new artists sound the same. Even if they actually don’t sound the same, they do to me so let me check.

It’s Blueface. I hate how he was rapping out of sync with the beats. Some things he also says are questionable. For example:

I came to get it in, I only got dead friends (On the dead homies)

No rockstar, but I play with hella bands (Big bands)

Only 91 Supreme-ium in my Mercedes Benz (Big bands)

Can someone explain to me what he was talking about?

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Lyrical Themes

Tyga hasn’t been one to be lyrically diverse. He talks about one thing and sticks to it. Any guy who has been listening to Tyga since 2011, like me, knows his focus is making club hits. Pleasure rap is how I would categorize his style of rap; money, power status and women are his focus keyphrases.

To be honest, it isn’t a bad thing because he is good at it. Look at the success of Taste. He thrives at it but it becomes an issue when all of his 14 songs are more or less other club hits which may or may not be big hits. The only thing that saves Legendary is the fact that it has good replay value. I, personally, wouldn’t mind listening to it again. That’s true for the most part but just skip the song Maykherkhum; it’s not good and totally disregards the proper spelling of words.

So, expect most of the songs in this album to pass as club hits. That’s where they truly belong in my opinion.


Does Legendary make Tyga live up to the title? It depends on your perspective. He’s an okay rapper to me and this album just proves he can make a comeback but I’m not so sure about the legendary status. 7/10.

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