Kiana Lede – Myself EP Review

Kiana Ledé Myself

It didn’t take long for Kiana Ledé to drop her EP soon after I reviewed Can I. I was actually expecting her to release it a week later from today but here we are. Now, I do remember mentioning that the song was one of my favorites this year but the other songs Kiana Ledé provides in her EP Myself make it hard for me to stick to those words.


Myself is the fourth EP from Kiana Ledé which was released by Republic Records and lasts over 18 minutes. She stated that she hopes the record makes people understand that it is okay to feel vulnerable and just be in the moment and live their own lives.

As I mentioned in the single review, I was not ready to admit to being a stan just yet. This is because I was yet to sample some of her other songs. So, I went back to listen to her previous EP Selfless and I loved it. It actually gave me all the reasons to listen to Myself and trust me when I tell you that it is amazing.

Lyrical Themes

Okay, let me make a quick request before going any further: Can I get more of this kind of RnB? Is that too much to ask? Kiana proves that she is not only lyrically mature and diverse, but she can also spark emotion. In Myself, you’ll be going for an emotional roller coaster albeit the fact that it is only 6 tracks long.

The EP kicks off with Can I where she talks about wanting to be with someone she shouldn’t be with. She then talks about taking some time to get to know someone in Shawty. I genuinely love this song more than Can I. There, I said it: Shawty is better than Can I. Prove me wrong.

Bouncin is a light-hearted song that features Offset which is fine. I dig it. Both artists seemed to have fun while recording it. Heavy flips the tables to a more serious tone as she talks about how she was struggling with a relationship and her own mental health. It’s that emotion that I was talking about earlier that will make you admire her even more for putting this out.

Any issues with the project? Yes, Ex is repeated here as it was in Selfless. Now, I do not know why she did that but it’s a good song to welcome newcomers (like me) to her music. Other than that, this is a solid EP. Kiana has a lovely voice, her music is amazing and I think that I might be a stan. There are rumors of an album coming soon so I’ll be here, waiting.


Myself is another great EP by Kiana Ledé. It is personal, fun and emotional; something her fans will appreciate while waiting for an album. 9/10

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