Miley Cyrus – SHE IS COMING EP Review


Miley Cyrus is back. This has been her first release since 2017 and it is a big one. At least that’s what I thought. SHE IS COMING is quite a polarizing EP. You either like it or you don’t. I fall into the latter category.


SHE IS COMING is one of the three EPs Miley Cyrus is expected to release in the coming months; the others being SHE IS HERE and SHE IS EVERYTHING. Miley did confirm that the three EPs will be added up to become a full album SHE IS MILEY CYRUS. I just hope that the remaining two are better because this one has already hurt the overall score.


This EP sees Miley Cyrus make a return to mainstream music. It is a blend of pop, RnB and trap across the 6 tracks listed. We see her collaborating once again with Mark Ronson (The Most) and Mike Will (Party Up The Street) and additional production by King Henry and BJ Burton.

I will praise the good beats; they offer a good listening experience albeit Miley Cyrus with her themes (which we will get to). The features are okay, I guess. The most notable of them has to be Swae Lee with his falsetto vocals. I won’t talk about the length of this project because this is just a third of the whole project. Let’s just hope it won’t be another 20+ track listing.

Lyrical Themes

All of my problems with SHE IS COMING are found here. All I could think about when I was listening to it was the fact that it reminded me of 2013 Miley Cyrus. This point was made clear when I heard Cattitude. Let’s look at some of the lyrics, shall we?

Turn up your gratitude, turn down your attitude

I love my p****, that means I got cattitude

If you don’t feel what I’m saying, I don’t f*** with you

If you don’t feel what I’m saying, I don’t f*** with you

Okay, good to know Miley. Then we have the song D.R.E.A.M (Drug Rules Everything Around Me), her own version of Wu-Tang Clan’s C.R.E.A.M (Cash Rules Everything Around Me). She talks about her relationship with drugs and how she likes to party. Yup, 2013 Miley Cyrus confirmed.

Not all hope is lost though, I did like one song. Just one, The Most. She talks about how she has been hurting her partner in the relationship. Her vocals are quite clean in this song and I wish I got more of the song in the rest of the EP. However, you get what you get.


SHE IS COMING is a polarizing release from Miley Cyrus. The themes presented here are quite questionable and it feels like she is taking a step back. Fortunately, this is just part one out of three. I have my fingers crossed for better music from her. 6.8/10

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