FRENSHIP – Vacation Album Review


There is an interesting story to how I first came to know about FRENSHIP. So, I gave my good friend Keshie access to my Apple Music account. As expected, she went searching for good music around the millions of songs you can find in the platform. That’s when she found Capsize, a beautiful song which we both love and can’t get enough of. You can then imagine the excitement we both had when we found out that FRENSHIP just released their debut studio album, Vacation. I wish both of us could have done this review but here I am. Let’s see what they had to offer.


Just a quick introduction for those who don’t know about FRENSHIP. It is an electronic duo consisting of James Sunderland and Brett Hite. They are popularly known for making the viral hit Capsize which has over 500 million streams on Spotify right now. FRENSHIP released their 13-track debut album, Vacation, over two weeks ago through Counter Records. It should be mentioned that the duo was previously signed to Columbia Records but they eventually fell out.


What you need to know is that the two handle everything: production, lyric writing, and vocals. Yes, they do have some features like Bastille and Yoke Lore jumping on to the bandwagon but James and Brett have it covered.

As I mentioned earlier, this is a 13-track album with 4 interludes. Vacation doesn’t overstay its welcome as it just lasts 38 minutes long. The album length gets a thumbs up from me. The general feel also gets a thumbs up. It’s more of an indie pop album that gives you that feel-good vibe. I have listened to it like three times now and I can’t get enough. Anywhere But Here is my favorite song right now. Like, that song is everything.

Two of the interludes are named using GPS coordinates. Now, I googled the coordinates (I seriously did). 39.5795 N 105.1237 W pinpoints to a home in Ken Caryl, Colorado and 47.6588 N 117.4260 W points to a street in Washington DC. What you need to know about the two locations is that Sunderland comes from Colorado and Brett has a deep connection to that location in Washington.

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Lyrical Themes

There is a lot that James and Brett talk about in the album. I’ll just brush through some of them (you can read the full breakdown here).

Remind You is a song James wrote in response to her fiancee asking him if he was going to leave her. The response is delivered quite well and the video is quite fun too. Swim, according to Hite, is a follow up to Capsize; I also like this song. Anywhere But Here talks about difficulties letting go and leaving to try and forget everything. Once again, I love the song. You can imagine the surprise on my face when I read that it is one of the oldest songs in the album.

My favorite part has to be how it ends. The end feels like we are about to hear some more music from them and then it ends. Just like that. It’s like the beginning of the end, something of the sort.


Vacation sure is a good debut album from FRENSHIP with some memorable tracks. I don’t know what Keshie thinks about this yet but I love it. Nothing more for me to say. 8.5/10.

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