On Repeat – 6th June 2019

on repeat

Welcome back to On Repeat, the weekly segment where I talk about the songs on my playlist, both old and new, which are constantly on repeat. Yes, this was supposed to be the fifth edition of the segment but I was unable to post this last week. Campus issues. Anyway, these are the songs that have been on repeat on my playlist for the past one week or two. 


Ace of Base – Life is a Flower

Remember when I mentioned how Celine Dion’s song is a good song to start your mornings? This is another song you should listen to when you wake up. It’s a feel good song that will keep you smiling for the rest of the day. When you hear Jenny talk about how life is a flower and you should carry on smiling, you’ll feel that on a sub-conscious feeling. What can I say? I’ve been an optimistic person as of late. 

Karun – Glow Up

I’m happy with the direction Kenyan artists are taking right now, Karun’s self-empowerment song proves just that. No, the song doesn’t target me (because I’m not a female) but I’m down with everything else. If only I can get more songs like this from local artists. 

FRENSHIP – Anywhere But Here

Hey, look! Another song from FRENSHIP. The duo recently released their debut album (which I’ll review) and this is where I discovered this song. I love this song. It talks about having difficulties moving on and how he would prefer to be anywhere else rather than the state he is in. Is it me or am I just emotionally attached to this song? You be the judge of that.

Billie Eilish – bellyache

Thanks to my good friend, Keshie, I can’t get enough of Billie Eilish right now. I do agree with her that her debut album is great (we only disagree on the score) but I keep going back to her 2017 EP. There are some great songs like ocean eyes, watch, and idontwannabeyouanymore but bellyache is my favorite. Why? I don’t know. 😂😂 I just like it.

The Magician – Ready To Love

I use this song as a way to declare self-love to myself. It might have been indicating commitment to someone else but I commit it to myself. Yes, I’m one of those people who believes in self-love. Just have a listen and tell me if I’m wrong for doing so.

Lil Pump – Racks on Racks

On another episode of guilty pleasures, I find myself listening to Lil Pump. I don’t regret listening to it. Just like Future, Lil Pump doesn’t wow you lyrically but his songs will bring the energy to get you lit. That’s the case here with this song; it will you get you pumped up.

Slipknot – Unsainted

This is the first time talking about rock music on this blog. Long story short, Slipknot is my favorite band and they have an album coming out on 9th August this year. The album announcement also saw the release of their first single, Unsainted. No doubt, I love it. Will I review it? No. Perhaps I could review it on another appropriate platform.

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