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Why Sex Sells in Rap Music: A Deep Dive

sex rap music

Every rapper seems to try coming up with the hottest song that exclusively talks about sex. It seems that sex is the only thing that people can talk about in rap music. Let me ask you a question, how many times have you heard rappers talk about “Bustin it open” “Make it pop” “Beat that thing up”? Let me know in the comments. I, personally, find it quite annoying. So, why does sex sell in rap music?

Hip Hop/Rap music’s true nature

Back in the day, Hip Hop became a global sensation because of the uncensored messages it delivered to the masses. Remember how NWA took the world by storm by speaking their truth? That’s the kind of artistry that popularized the genre at the beginning.

What people don’t know is that nothing much has changed since that time. It’s all about being real in rap music and rappers never feel the need to limit their subject matter to things that would be considered “family friendly”. If they are going to talk about sex, they will be so descriptive that you would literally think that PornHub paid them to make such songs.

As such, it was only a matter of time before rap music ventured into sex. Some of these rappers *cough* Juicy J *cough* can come up with a Kamasutra book if they wanted to. Sure, there are rappers out there who still talk about the community struggles but it isn’t much of a big thing as sex is nowadays because of one reason.

It’s part of the culture now

To be honest, the rap culture can be surreal. This point is specially made true with the kind of videos rappers put out nowadays. They might have over twenty curvy women walking around topless, twerking all over the place while the rappers flash their latest cars, houses, and jewelry. People tend to overlook the fact that women are being objectified and focus more on how they also want that kind of lifestyle for themselves.

Because of this, Rappers have found out that most people would rather see girls going wild and them just throwing money all over the place. Remember how people kept talking about Tyga had the best comeback of 2018 because of the song Taste? Was it because of the song or the music video? You tell me.

There has also been a rise of what people call “prostitution rap”. This sub-genre has been embraced by the likes of Meghan Thee Stallion who just talk about money and sex. I, personally had a difficult time enjoying it because I felt nothing much was being offered. That’s just me though.

It’s the only way most rappers will get noticed

It’s funny how upcoming artists make these controversial songs so as to get noticed. Big Sean would be a good example of this kind of scenario. Let’s take ourselves back to 2011 when he released Dance (Ass); the song where the word ass is mentioned 110 times. I checked. Now, try comparing that to the kind of music he makes nowadays. You will notice that he has steered away from making such songs.

Do you want another example? A$AP Rocky with his song F****** Problems. Compare that to his latest album release. There is a pattern. They had to make these songs so as to get noticed and it worked out well for them.

Unfortunately, the same is also true for the pop industry.

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Sex is a best seller in the music industry

Many young artists try to make their way into the industry by selling their bodies. Sex is preferred to actual talent nowadays. It isn’t the case for some people, but it works for 70% of them. What I do funny is how female artists claim that they are empowering themselves when they are barely clothed in their music videos. Uhm, no one asked to see all of that skin but okay.

To the big players in the industry, it’s all about business. And business is all about profits. If showing off some skin will make the record company money, don’t think that sex will go away any time soon. The same is true for rap music. Don’t be surprised to see more twerking videos from your favorite rappers.

What do you think about all of this? Let me know in the comments below.

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