Katy Perry – Never Really Over Single Review

Katy Perry Never Really Over

This is a decent surprise. Katy Perry is back and she sounds better than ever in her new single Never Really Over. Do I like it? Yes.


Never Really Over is the first solo single in two years by Katy Perry. That is if you ignore that collaboration she did with Zedd a couple of months back. I feel like this is her best single since the Teenage Dream days. That’s saying something. My hope is that her next album if there is any, will be good as this single indicates. We are all trying to ignore the fact that 2017 happened.

Btw, did you know Taylor Swift added this song to her Apple Music playlist? I thought you should know.


Zedd handles the production of this song. The beats are quite catchy and Katy sounds amazing. It’s a sugar pop song; something she is quite familiar with. The two seem to work well together and I’m sure this won’t be the last time that they will be collaborating.

Lyrical Theme

Katy Perry talks about how she can’t get over her ex two years after they broke up. Some people have been speculating that her mentioning two years refers to her 2017 Witness album but I’ll just ignore them and take it for what it is. The good thing is that the lyrics aren’t as cheesy as most pop artists’ songs are.

How do I feel about the song? It’s quite good. I’ve listened to it four times now and I certainly don’t mind listening to it again. Never Really Over is giving me a lot of faith in her this year and that might be a problem. I’ve had issues getting my hopes up with good singles from not-so-good album releases. Let me just play it safe and wait for her to drop new songs. But still, it seems promising.

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Never Really Over is a step in the right direction for Katy Perry. It’s a good catchy song and is definitely her best singles in years. 9/10.

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