Cardi B – Press Single Review

Cardi B Press

You know what? I don’t know how I feel about Press, the new single by Cardi B. I get that she is addressing the blogs that talk about her every other day but haven’t we heard this before from other songs?


Press is the latest single from Cardi B. She has actually been teasing the song since December of 2018. Many months later, it’s finally out. This is actually her third single release after Money and Please Me which only means one thing, her second album is coming soon.

Can we talk about the cover art for this song? Yeah, that will have a lot of press coverage. Well, she is giving them what they want at this point. How about you try googling Cardi B right now and see the kinds of articles written about her.

Lyrical Theme

This song is dark and raw. Cardi clearly doesn’t like people talking about her all the time. She has mentioned this in most of her songs that she doesn’t like how people talk about her all the time. That’s my problem right here, the fact that she keeps mentioning it all the time.

In my opinion, I don’t think she really needed to respond to anyone. She is making serious moves right now and the best way to silence people is to keep winning. That’s just my take but who am I to tell her what to do?

Yes, the song is good and she really goes hard on them but I just feel like she doesn’t have to prove a point.

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I feel indifferent about Press. Cardi B doesn’t really need to prove anything to anyone at this point. That’s just my opinion. 7.5/10

Do you agree with me on this one? Let me know in the comments below.

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