Sauti Sol featuring Bensoul, Nviiri the Storyteller, Crystal Asige & Kaskazini – Extravaganza Single Review

Sauti Sol Extravaganza

Well, this is a genuine surprise. It has only been months since I reviewed their latest album and they are back with another single. Not like it’s a problem; I can listen to the boy band at any time. Sauti Sol is back and they are accompanied by their label mates in the new song, Extravaganza.


Extravaganza is a rhumba-inspired tune featuring Bensoul, Niviiri The Storyteller, Crystal Asige and Kaskazini. These artists are all signed to Sauti Sol’s label, Sol Generation. To be honest, I’m a happy Kenyan right now because the future is bright for the music industry. I was getting concerned about the quality of music which has been released over the past couple of months.

Not only is Sauti Sol saving the Kenyan music industry, but they have also introduced us to a new wave of artists who I’ll definitely keep an eye out for.


As mentioned earlier, it is a rhumba-inspired song. The song was produced by Sauti Sol themselves and Mbok. There are a lot of things I like about the song.

First, I like how Sauti Sol gives the upcoming artists their moment to shine in the song. We already know what the band is capable of, the artists don’t disappoint either. It’s too early to pick favorites because I’ve only heard them in this song. Either way, I can’t wait to hear their individual projects.

Second, this is how you make a club hit. You don’t have to go all out with profanity just to prove how raw you are. Raw doesn’t necessarily mean good. What makes this song so good is how simple the approach is: rhumba beats, great vocals, great artists and common catchphrases. What more do you want?

Third, this is a great song. My friend introduced me to this song and I loved it from the first listen. It makes my work easier as a reviewer to love it from the get-go rather than giving it multiple chances.


Extravaganza is another great song from Sauti Sol. The labelmates are certainly in good hands and I can’t wait to hear their individual projects. 9.4/10

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