Karun – Glow Up Single Review

karun glow up

Allow me to be honest with you for a moment; I have a love-hate relationship with Kenyan music right now. 70% of the artists have categorized themselves to making club hits, which I don’t like that much. My only wish is getting some chill vibe music. Yes, you might say Fena Gitu but not quite. What about Karun with her new single Glow Up? I love it.


Glow Up is the latest single from Karun in her upcoming EP. The song is presented by emPawa Africa Initiative; a project started by Nigerian singer Mr. Eazi and seeks to promote independent artists. Through the initiative, Mr Eazi has selected 100 artists to receive $3000 each to create a music video.


‘Glow Up’ audio was produced by Sichangi and Ukweli and visuals credited to Andrew Mageto & Ray-Ray Otieno. I generally like the chill and somewhat chill vibes of the song. It’s one of the songs I can listen to any time of the day and still vibe to it.

What makes the song so amazing is the amazing production; it’s not your typical Kenyan song. Some articles are even considering it to be of international standards. I would say she is setting her own standards.

Lyrical Theme

Is it weird for a guy to be liking a girl power/self-love song? Okay, I stan the song because of the vibes but the song is actually about self-empowerment. I mean, the music video clearly shows it. She delivers her verses so confidently in such a calm manner that keeps me coming back for more.

Anything else for me to add? Uhm, I love the song.


Glow Up is a great song from Karun. I’ve already added it to my playlist and I’m patiently waiting for her EP. 9.4/10

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