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YG 4REAL 4REAL Album Review


It’s finally here; YG’s surprise album. Stay Dangerous is barely a year old and we already have another album from him. Fortunately, this is still a great album to listen to and I appreciate how YG has remained true to himself over the years.


Let’s get one thing clear, I will not review this album based on his previous records. It’s not fair because times do change. I will admit that most of the things that he talks about in this album are not as focused as his previous efforts but I’ll cut him some slack. He has been around for some time now and he doesn’t need to prove himself to anyone.

4REAL 4REAL is the fourth studio album by YG. Again, I wondered why he was so eager to release another album so quickly. Turns out he wants to get out of his record deal as soon as possible. Can we say that this has somewhat affected the overall quality of the album? It seems so. Look at his Twitter Profile name; it hasn’t changed.

Anyway, the album was released in memory of the late rapper Nipsey Hussle; you can even see it in the album cover art. Let’s not talk about those shoes. 😂


When it comes to beats, I’ll give it an A+. I love the fact that all songs have that West-Coast (Compton) feel. This is especially attributed to YG’s swagger and flow. My personal favorite beats had to be the ones in I Was on the Block (produced by Mustard); they go hard. You should try listening to the bass-heavy song using a good pair of headphones.

Oh yeah, the album is 14 tracks long. I’d be ranting about how it is more than the recommended 12 but it’s fine. The whole album is 47 minutes long which is fine so I’ll let it slide.

Lyrical Themes

This is where reviewers are divided. Some feel that he isn’t focused on 4REAL 4REAL as compared to previous albums like Stay Dangerous and My Krazy Life. They feel like he is less introspective here. Well, it’s certainly isn’t a bad listening experience. As a matter of fact, this is quite a well-balanced album.

You get all kinds of aspects from YG. You have the story-telling rapper in the songs Keshia Had a Baby and Her Story and Play Too Much; the proud rapper in Bottle Service, In the Dark, Go Loko, I Was on the Block, Do Not Disturb; the fun guy in Do Your Dance and Stop Snitchin (original and remix); and the introspective side with My Last Words and Hard Bottoms & White Socks. Btw, Stop Snitchin must have the highest number of times the N-word was mentioned (over 110 times). Side fact, the song was aimed at 6ix9ine for taking a plea deal.

Favorite tracks? Stop Snitchin, I Was on the Block, Do Your Dance and his tribute to Nipsey.


Whether he is in a rush to get out of his record deal with Def Jam or not, 4REAL 4REAL is still a good album from YG. Let’s see how long it will take for him to release #5. 8/10

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