NIKI – wanna take this downtown EP Review

wanna take this downtown

There is one thing to be admired about RnB in 2019; it has been great. Except for the Kehlani EP which I raised a lot of questions. If you ignore it, you’ll find out that I’ve been quite open to RnB projects from artists. I even liked Ari Lennox’s album which Keshie reviewed (Go check it out). The same is true for NIKI with her EP wanna take this downtown. Good stuff.


wanna take this downtown is a four-track EP released a week ago. I’m actually late to reviewing it because there were a lot of releases last week. Thankfully, it’s not the same this week. Anyway, the EP serves as a taste of what is to come in her full album Moonlight which is to come later on this year.

Remember how I mentioned that this is an RnB project? Yeah NIKI felt liberated because of the fact that she wasn’t limited to a genre.

This is the type of music and songwriting I’ve always admired but never felt like I could personally make, because I limited myself to a certain genre and what others expected of me. So honestly making this EP was so liberating


I feel it’s RnB; because it is. 😂 Let’s just move on.


I only have two complaints about this EP. One, it is way too short. It will take you 11 minutes to finish the whole thing. This is how I reacted after it ended.

I’m only complaining because NIKI’s music is good. She has a beautiful voice and I loved the beats but it is a short-lived experience. Let me not affect the score because of this because there is an album to come and it may have more than 12 tracks. Let’s wait and see.

Second complaint has to do with the fact that it is definitely RnB. I don’t know what she meant by not being restricted to genres but this is definitely RnB. Modern RnB if I am to very specific and it’s great. It’s actually the first kind of modern RnB that I like.

Lyrical Themes

The four tracks offered here are easy to understand. Lowkey is all about a relationship being, well, lowkey. urs is about a toxic relationship. Good song. move! is a upbeat song, my personal favorite song. odds talks about never giving up on someone despite all the odds put against her. Definitely, modern RnB tending towards pop.

What I couldn’t shake off is the feeling that Ariana Grande could’ve made such songs. I’m not kidding. You know, I’ve listened to all of Grande’s albums so I know what to expect and I got her vibes in this EP. Not to discredit NIKI in any way but that’s how I felt. I might be the only one who noticed. Anyway, the full album will tell a different story than what is being told here.


If you ignore my crazy theory, you will realize that wanna take this downtown is a good EP from NIKI. I wish it was longer but there is an album coming so I’ll wait. 8.4/10

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