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On Repeat – 22nd May 2019


Welcome back to On Repeat, the weekly segment where I talk about the songs on my playlist, both old and new, which are constantly on repeat. Most of the songs that will be mentioned here are my personal favorites from what has been a busy week of music. Artists have been pushing new music aggressively which has forced me to keep up. 

Yes, I haven’t reviewed IGOR yet but I genuinely love it. With that said, let’s begin.  

Kendi feat Redsan – Pon Di Corner

This song took me by surprise. I didn’t expect to hear such a good song from Kendi; I don’t even know what I was expecting from her in the first place. The Dance Hall inspired song is one of my favorite Kenyan songs this year. I love it. There is one problem; the song isn’t available on Apple Music or Spotify. Why?

Yuna feat G-Eazy – Blank Marquee

Like I said in the review, I’m officially a stan of her music. This song just gives me vibes. It’s fun, funky and makes you want to dance. I’m not a good dancer but she makes me want to believe that I can.

DJ Khaled feat Cardi B and 21 Savage – Wish Wish

This is my favorite song from the not-so-good album Father of Asahd. In the mess of an album, this song stands out from the others. It just works; Cardi B and 21 Savage are the hottest artists in the game right now and they proved their worth. Speaking of Cardi, love her or hate her, you can’t deny that she is making serious moves.

Adam Lambert – New Eyes

You got those new eyes, honey. I love this song. Why can’t I stop listening to it? I can’t wait for his upcoming album; I just know it will be great. My intuition doesn’t lie.

OneRepublic – Wherever I Go

So, I recently reviewed the band’s new song Rescue Me and it was fine. Good but certainly not my favorite. Wherever I Go is my personal favorite for arbitrary reasons. I just love it. What more do you want me to say?

What do you think of these songs? Let me know down in the comments below.

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