Madison Beer – Dear Society Single Review

Madison Beer Dear Society

I have been listening to Madison Beer for a while now. She is the type of artist who makes songs that grow into you. I mean, hits like Hurts Like Hell, Home With You and Dead are on my playlist because they are catchy and feel-good songs. Dear Society was released on Friday, May 17th after Madison teased her fans on Instagram with a snippet of the song on April 17th. So, a month later, how symbolic. This is her first track this year and the lead single off her debut studio album due Summer 2019.


I wouldn’t say that this was any different from the type of songs she sings. You immediately get Madison vibes when you start listening to it. However, she seems to have mastered the art of writing. This song is so relatable and I’ll tell you why.

Lyrical Themes

Dear Society is about the pressure to be perfect in today’s society and the various effects. “Diets that I shouldn’t try, it feels like social suicide…Been 21 since 17, thanks to all the magazines/ Man, sometimes, I just wanna scream and break my screen”. That’s the second verse and it’s the definition of ‘I felt that on another level’. Our society, which is us, has made it so easy for us to compare our lives to those of others thanks to the internet. It’s so easy to feel like you are not there yet when everyone on your Instagram timeline seems to be living their best lives.

However, we love social media and continue to use it despite how it makes us feel sometimes. In the chorus, Madison sings “You’re bad for my health/ I should probably get some help/ I can’t control myself, I’m addicted to the hell”. Alexa find me a Pinterest quote that says “social media is bad for your mental health”. I found these lyrics so relatable cause only I know the number of hours I spend scrolling mindlessly on Instagram. Do you ever go to bed but end up sleeping hours later because you were taking your “daily dose of internet”? Yeah you need some help.

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The bridge was a bold point of view as it acknowledges that sometimes it’s the society which we blame so much that is always there for us. As a distraction from our own lives, entertainment or to cheer us up, the internet is always there. “Dear society, you’ve pushed me to the edge/ So here’s some clarity/ The truth is, you’re the one who’s always there for me/ With my daily dose of internet/ And all the things that I should quit, but can’t”. I love this song so much because it really is a reflection of what happens to and around us.


Making a relatable song has to be among the top 10 ways of making a good song because Madison did exactly that. I loved her voice, the verses, and visuals, which you should check out on YouTube. The video was giving me Black Mirror vibes but I’ll let you be the judge. Anyway, I give this song and 8/10. Can’t wait to sample her debut album but from this song, I can already tell that it will be a good one.

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