Yuna Feat G-Eazy – Blank Marquee Single Review

Yuna Blank Marquee

2019 has been the year that I dedicated to looking for good RnB songs. Five months down the road, I have discovered the likes of KALLITECHNIS, Roses Gabor and Tink. Great stuff I tell you. It gets better with me discovering Yuna, a Malaysian artist who recently released Blank Marquee and I’m already a stan of hers.


Blank Marquee is the latest release from Yuna and acts as a single for her upcoming album Rouge. The album will be available on July 12, 2019. I’ve already marked that date on my calendar. This also marks the second collaboration between Yuna and G-Eazy after working together in the song Lights and Camera (remix).


The only reason why I love this song is because of how simple it is. It’s simple, bubbly and funky. Plus, I get a lot of Daft Punk vibes from it. I can’t get enough of this song. Yuna herself is a great singer who delivers her part straight home. G-Eazy is also good here too.

I see no wrong with the song. You should’ve seen me dance to this song while I was walking back home.

Lyrical Theme

Blank Marquee’s premise is simple; Yuna talks about how her ex is nothing without her (a blank marquee). She is actually bitter about how they fell out. The funny thing is that you won’t notice it because you’ll be dancing to the beat (like me).

G-Eazy acts like the guy who tries to explain his side of the story which makes the song more enjoyable; listening to both sides of the story. Did I mention how I love the song?


Black Marquee is my first listen to what Yuna has to offer and I can proudly say that I’m a stan of hers. I highly recommend this song. 9.2/10

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