Kendi Feat Redsan – Pon Di Corner Single Review

Kendi Pon Di Corner

Well, this is a genuine surprise. I have Kendi’s previous songs and they were fine. She was definitely somewhere but not yet there. Now, Kendi is back with Pon Di Corner and she sounds like a mega star. I genuinely love this song.


Pon Di Corner is her third release this year with an album scheduled to be released in October. I’ll definitely listen to that album because this song genuinely took me by surprise. Wow. I, however, have to point out that this song isn’t available on streaming platforms. At least for now. Once it is available, I’ll add it to my playlist.


Everything about the song is top-notch. The Dancehall beats are excellent, Kendi’s performance is great and Redsan was the perfect feature for the song. They really took their time to make the song and the results show.

Do you know what makes the song better? The music video. It’ll give you Rihanna’s Work vibes but not so much to distract you from the high-quality video it is. Also, why are artists telling us about how their videos are shot in 4K? It’s not a big deal.

Lyrical Theme

Kendi calls this song an Afro Dancehall song. Unsurprisingly, the song is meant to make waves in clubs all over Kenya but I like Pon Di Corner. I really do. For the past few months, people have been releasing sub-par club hits which have made me avoid reviewing them. This, however, has quality and it has character. Simply put, I would dance to this song. And I appreciate good music when I hear it.


Pon Di Corner is a song that I didn’t expect to hear from Kendi. I’m genuinely surprised. Consider this my favorite Kenyan song right now. 9/10

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