Halsey – Nightmare Single Review

Halsey Nightmare

Before I begin, I would like to wash my hands from the backlash that might happen at the end of this review. I feel like someone else should’ve done this review; this is what I said in the Ciara album. But, no one is yet to complain about my review of it so I think I can do Halsey’s new song, Nightmare.


Nightmare is the latest single Halsey has released. This all hints at an upcoming album from her which I’ll definitely look out for. This song is a fan favorite among women because of how they relate to it and here I am about to give my opinions about it. Dear ladies, we might not enjoy the song on the same level but hear me out.


There is no denying that Halsey is a good artist. She delivers her words straight home and I love how the fact that she can switch it up. She sounds bold and unapologetic in this song and I like it. I will go on to also praise the video for portraying women as invincible; it delivers the point straight home.

What about the beats? Uhm, they are okay. Nothing more to say about it.

Lyrical Theme

Nightmare is a female empowerment song where Halsey tells us how she is aware of how dangerous she is. Yeah, this song can bring out the crazy in most ladies. Hey, who makes them go crazy? Men. So, let them have their fun.

Unfortunately, I don’t relate to the song at all; it’s just fine to me. I like everything else about the song but I just can’t appreciate it for what it is. Only a woman can truly appreciate that. Just look at these tweets from her fans waiting patiently for an empowerment song. How can I relate to that?


I’ll give a score based on the overall package of the song rather than how I felt about it. It’s the right thing to do. Nightmare is a good song from Halsey and I love the energy she brings to it. Can’t wait for the album to drop. 7.5/10.

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