Adam Lambert – New Eyes Single Review

Adam Lambert New Eyes

Goodness me, when was the last time I heard the name, Adam Lambert? It must be years. The last song I actually heard from him was the one he did with Avicii, Lay Me Down. Many years later, I stumble upon Adam Lambert with his new song New Eyes and I love it.


New Eyes is the first single by Adam Lambert since 2015. This is after he departed his solo career to go on tour with Queen. It is also his first single for his upcoming album (unknown release date).


Let’s get one thing out of the way; Adam Lambert is a wonderful singer. I don’t think there is anyone in the pop world right now who has a better voice than him. You can prove me wrong in the comments section.

Anyway, New Eyes has this retro 1970 style which I love. It is slow, groovy and fun to listen to. To put the cherry on top is Adam’s voice. Goodness me this man can sing. What’s actually amazing is how he sounds as if he never left.

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Can I also mention that I have listened to this song more than 20 times today (18th May)? Yeah, I must be helping him make that streaming money. I don’t mind; I might as well listen to it after I give it a score.

Lyrical Theme

In a recent interview, Adam describes New Eyes as ” a love letter to innocence and to finding new passions”. He added that he wanted his first single to reflect his current state of mind and at the same time deliver a romantic and earthy vibe.

Well, he has done a wonderful job doing both. I’m happy that he is exploring new paths on his career; as far as I can tell, he is on the right track.


I’m happy that Adam Lambert is back. New Eyes is a great song that reflects on his state of mind and at the same time, takes us back to the old days. I love this song. 9/10.

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