Logic – Confessions of a Dangerous Mind Album Review

logic confessions of a dangerous mind

There is something I’d like to teach all of you today; don’t believe what other people think of something. When Logic released his new album, Confessions of a Dangerous Mind, guys were bashing it for being underwhelming. I read through all the comments on various social media platforms and it made me hesitant to actually review it. But, my opinion has changed after listening to it and I kind of feel ashamed for not reviewing it sooner. Then again, I know why people hate on Logic but Confessions of a Dangerous Mind is a good album. For the most part.


Confessions of a Dangerous Mind is Logic’s fifth studio album. The album was dropped soon after he released the song Homicide featuring Eminem (which I’ll get to later). There are 16 tracks here and it runs for 55 minutes. Yes, it’s long but I don’t mind but I have other problems to address.


The album was mainly produced by 6ix, who does a good job. The beats are definitely the highlight of this record. There is some variety to it too with songs like  Don’t Be Afraid to be Different taking us back with the 90s beats. But, that’s just about it. No disrespect to the other tracks; they go hard as well.

Let’s talk about Logic for a minute. There is no denying that he is a good rapper. I mean, he can rap in any style he wants. My only problem with him is his inconsistency with what he’s trying to say. The bars are there but the message lacks the appropriate delivery. What about the features? They are fine. Eminem is the best of them all, because that’s what we have come to expect of him. I also like G-Eazy’s feature in the song COMMANDO.

Lyrical Themes

So, this is where I got confused. The album starts of well with some introspection (Confessions of a Dangerous Mind, Wannabe, clickbait) then goes to call out rappers in the song Homicide. After that, the album shifts into him just talking about how far he has come and what he can do now. Yeah, he just brags in the rest of the album.

One question you might ask yourself at the end of the album is “Why did he call out other rappers and he is no different from them?” You see, Logic has made a name for himself by calling out people for being fake and all that. Unsurprisingly, he was also called out for trying to identify himself with the black community (because he is bi-racial). So, it has been a love-hate relationship between him and the rest of the world. It’s also not surprising that he still reminds us that he is bi-racial and drops the N-word time to time.

Look, I don’t think he has to prove anything to anyone. The more he does, the more backlash he will get. Other than that, there are some questionable moments in some songs. For example, in the song clickbait, he says

I don’t do the Breakfast Club ’cause Charlamagne is shameless

That’s the only one I leave out when I run my bases

Do your research ‘fore you call somebody homophobic

You make a living off of controversy and you know it

I’d suck a dick just to prove it ain’t that way (n**** what?)

Uhm, yeah. It’s like he didn’t realize that he is causing controversy himself. And Charlamagne definitely responded; so that worked out well for him didn’t it?


Logic is a good rapper, but he is inconsistent. I think he should just leave out people who criticize him and do what he does best. Confessions of a Dangerous Mind is good but I’m just left wondering why Logic is still trying to find a place in the hip hop world. 7/10.

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