Masauti – Ipepete Single Review

Masauti Ipepete

So, this song has been trending on YouTube for some time now. I thought it was another Tanzanian song being praised by Kenyans. Trust me, the review was to be a rant but I soon realized that he is a Kenyan artist. Masauti is the name of the guy in question and Ipepete is the new hit song doing well so far. What do I think of it? It’s good.


Ipepete is the latest song from Masauti (real name Ali Mohammed Said). If this is your first time listening to his music, like me, you’ll be surprised to find out that he has other songs to his name like Kiboko, Gaga and Mahabuba.

I have to mention that Masauti appreciates the importance of streaming platforms. Thank goodness.


This is your contemporary club hit; the title of the song indicates that clearly. The beats are produced by Motif and they are good. It sounds more like Afro-pop which I do like so credit goes out to him. Moving on to Masauti himself, he is a good artist. I appreciate that he doesn’t try to steer away from his Swahili roots. You would think that you would confuse it for a bongo song but Masauti has distinguished himself well.

The music video portrays what Masauti was trying to say in the song. Great overall production. I like how artists are going all out with the music videos btw. It’s a risky investment but works beautifully when it works out.

Lyrical Theme

It’s a club hit about women shaking what their momma gave them. There is nothing more you need to know. I will mention that the song is catchy. I’ve heard it like five times today and I have to give credit where it is due. See, I’d rather listen to him rather than whatever songs clout artists are releasing nowadays.


Ipepete sure is a club banger. I’m sure I’ll be hearing it a lot of times after today. As a Kenyan, I’m glad to see Kenyan artists making the right moves. 8/10.

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