DJ Snake & Sheck Wes – Enzo Single Review

DJ Snake Enzo

DJ Snake is back with another song everybody. Who does he have this time? A bunch of rappers, four of them. We have Sheck Wes, Offset, 21 Savage and Gucci Mane. You already know what you’re going to listen to when you see such a collaboration. I mean, the song title, Enzo, should have told you everything about it.


This is the latest song from DJ Snake after his success with Taki Taki. It seems this will be one of the singles from his speculated upcoming album. But, it’s not confirmed so we’ll just have to wait. Unlike Taki Taki, this is a rap song. Perhaps DJ Snake is embracing all kinds of genres this time round. Again, we just have to wait and see.


It’s a trap beat which works well with native trap artists from Atlanta. Well, except for Sheck Wes because he’s from New York. His part isn’t that significant as he only does the chorus. The trappers do their thing which is expected of them. Honorable mention to 21 Savage as he delivers some clever lines. Offset has always been my favorite of the Migos so I have no problem with him here and Gucci Mane is just Gucci Mane. You either love him or hate him at this point; no two ways about it.

Lyrical Theme

Let’s play a game, shall we? We have the following ingredients: rappers, a trap beat and a song title referencing an expensive vehicle. What do you get when you mix all of that together? Your typical bragging song. That was fun wasn’t it?

Jokes aside, they can rap all they want about all the foreign cars they want. Remember, they can afford it. Plus, the premise of bragging is so simple to rappers that I believe this song was done in a week. Or less. Prove me wrong.


Enzo is a typical rap song which is fine really. Good production from DJ Snake; let’s see what he’ll have to offer when he releases his new album. 7.8/10 

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