Ciara – Beauty Marks Album Review

Ciara Beauty Marks

I like Ciara; I really do. If I remember correctly, I used to have a crush on her. She is one fine lady. Her music too is great. My personal favorites have to be Promise, Ride, Goodies, I’m Out and Dance Like We’re Making Love. Those songs span almost all the albums she has released in her career. Now Ciara is back with album number seven, Beauty Marks. I had a fun time listening to it and I’m sure you will too. Does Beauty Marks indicate a comeback by Ciara? Yes it does.


This is Ciara’s seventh studio album after Jackie was released in 2015. This is her first album to be released by her own label, Beauty Marks Entertainment. She has stated that making of this album felt the same as when she began her music career. Beauty Marks has 11 songs and is being supported by five singles.

To be honest, I feel like Keshie should have done this album review. You’ll see why in a few moments.


Beauty Marks is well produced; I like how balanced the album is; its length is excellent; and Ciara is one hell of an artist. One thing I did appreciate about it is the fact that it is fun to listen to. I don’t know if you know this but that matters a lot. You can be mature all you want in your songs but if its not enjoyable, it’s not worth the listen.

Another thing I like about the album is the diversity. You get all psyched up when you listen to Level Up, emotional when you listen to Beauty Marks and funky when Thinkin Bout You is playing. This explains why I find it as a fun album.

Lyrical Themes

After a couple of listens, I realized that the target audience for this album is women. They relate more to this album than men. You have no idea how my sister loves this album; she has replayed the album so many times over the weekend. So, don’t come at me if my opinions about it are somewhat different from yours. I’m doing my best.

Beauty Marks begins with I Love Myself, a self-love and appreciation song. I’m not sure if Macklemore’s presence was necessary in that song because she keeps referencing ladies in that song. Level Up is a motivational song which I find very useful during my workouts. Seriously, I listened to it while working out a couple of days ago and I found myself enjoying the session.

Ciara talks about her hustle in Set, a rap-inspired song. Thinkin Bout You is my personal favorite song because of its funkiness. She also talks about how her feelings in Trust Myself, Dose and Na Na and gets real personal in Beauty Marks. It is the last song of the album but I highly recommend that you begin with that one. Trust me on this one. I’m not so sure about Girl Gang and Freak Me. They were just fine to me.


I’m glad to see Ciara taking control over her music career. It’s certainly moving in the right direction. Beauty Marks is a fun album with some memorable tracks. I’m giving it an 8/10. Again, don’t kill me, that’s just my perspective. What score would you give it?

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