YG featuring Tyga & Jon Z – Go Loko Single Review

YG Loko

There has been a recent trend in the hip hop industry where artists are branching out to other genres and making it their own. Old Town Road took over the country charts (until billboard happened); Tyga did a song and released a video with some country elements; Now we have YG going all Hispanic in his new single Loko. Let’s see if it’s any good.


Loko is a new single from YG meant to serve as a single for his new surprise album. He was actually supposed to release it last month but pushed it to May following the death of Nipsey Hussle. You can expect an album review soon.


This five minute long song is produced by DJ Mustard, YG’s long time friend. The beats are nice; blending Spanish guitar with some 808s. It’s really catchy. Then we have the artists who rap slow to the beat, as they should. I’ll give them credit for making it as good as it sounds but I feel the song being too long.

So, the song starts out fine. YG and Tyga’s verses should’ve been the only parts of the song. Jon Z’s part and the instrumental part makes the song feel stretched. Also, they say Loko so many times that you’ll get tired of it by the end of it. Just remember that it is 5 minutes long.

Lyrical Theme

This is your typical rap song with a Spanish twist to it. I like the approach because they are trying to introduce a new way of delivering the same old bragging into a song. One problem: the word loco. It is said 61 times in the song (I checked). I felt like going loco by the end of listening to it five times consecutively. Oh no, what is happening to me?


Loko is a good song but I don’t like how it overstays its welcome because of the length. I think I’m ready to review his upcoming album. Expectations are okay so far with the release of this song. 7.5/10.

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