Tink – Voicemails EP Review

Time and time again, I have complained about Modern RnB offering nothing new but bedroom songs. This is especially true with American artists. UK based artists are doing a fantastic job. Just listen to Ella Mai and Roses Gabor. At this point, I’m done with American RnB artists. Or am I? Tink is bringing something new to the table. It is new to me because this is the first time I’m listening to her stuff and my goodness it is good. Her new EP Voicemails is a needed change of perspective for me. I’ll say this, Tink is a great artist and Voicemails is an amazing record to listen to.


Voicemails is the 8th mixtape to be released by Tink in a span of 7 years. It’s a well balanced 12 track record which tells an interesting story. More on that later. To be honest, this felt like an album to me. You can imagine the surprise on my face when I found out that it was just a mixtape (or EP, whatever floats your boat). What happens if she actually drops an album? She might as well release a masterpiece.


Tink gets a lot of things right with Voicemails. First, it is a perfect 12-track record; thank you for that. The beats are great; giving you this vibe that you are about to dive into a serious story. Funny thing is that you are actually diving into a deep story between Keke and DeShawn. The mixtape surrounds Keke and her dysfunctional relationship with DeShawn.

I love the presentation of the story. Tink portrays Keke really well in all of the songs. You might feel sorry for her at the beginning but as the song progresses, you can’t blame her for doing what she did. And DeShawn is an idiot. Like, I don’t want to believe that such men exist. I can guarantee that you’ll have a good time listening to it. If only there was a visual movie or something; that would be awesome.

Lyrical Theme

Now, to the story. Keke is in a relationship with DeShawn. She even has a kid with the guy but he isn’t taking them seriously. He is just messing around. Keke tries calling him for days but he doesn’t pick up. This happens in the tracks I Need Ur Love and Bad Side. Soon after, she gets a voicemail from Chris (Different) letting her know that he could treat her better. All she had to do was let him know. You already know what happens next. She does respond and the two hook up. This leads to Keke calling her girlfriend CC telling her how she had a good time with Chris (Keke Interlude).

At this point, she realizes that she can do better without DeShawn. She is ready to move on to greener pastures and that’s when DeShawn calls (DeShwan Interlude) and tells her that his phone fell on the toilet. Really? That’s the only reason he could come up with? SMH. Once Keke receives the call, she is then torn between trying to work things out with Chris or give DeShawn another chance (Falling in Love).

To be honest, I didn’t expect the story to be so deep. This is Telenovela kind of storytelling. The power of music ladies and gentlemen.


Mature songwriting, great singing and a well-paced record make Voicemails one of my favorites EP of the year. As a matter of fact, all RnB EPs that have been put out this year have been great. Great stuff Tink. 8.5/10

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