Denzel Curry – RICKY Single Review

Denzel Curry Ricky

When was the first time I heard of Denzel Curry? Was it that XXL Cipher? Yes it was. He was the best rapper of that year. Unfortunately, I haven’t been exposed to any of his music ever since. Until a few days ago when YouTube recommended RICKY to me. It’s still a new release which makes me privileged to review it early. The question is, do I still think Denzel Curry is a good rapper? Yes, he is a good rapper.


What you should know is that Ricky is the name of his dad and the song pays tribute to him. This is also my first time listening to what Denzel Curry has to offer. My expectations were already high because I’m familiar with his rapping prowess. This is a pure hip hop song, no trap influences here whatsoever. I like that. Can we make him a bigger star than he is now?


I’ll praise this song this song for being such a banger but I’ll criticize its length. The song is only two minutes and 28 seconds long. However, the song feels longer when you find yourself head-bopping to the beats; they go hard. I haven’t even mentioned how hard Denzel goes on that beat. Damn, this man can rap. What I like about RICKY is that it feels nostalgic to the 2000s rap songs. It’s a nice touch.

Lyrical Theme

The song talks about how people start flocking to you when you start making money moves. He also talks about the lessons he learned from his parents about sticking to the guys who were with you from the beginning.  My favorite line had to be where his mom tells him not to trust a hoe and to always use a rubber. Amen to that.

RICKY is a relateable song in today’s world where everyone turns out to be a fake for whatever reason. Great stuff Denzel but was it necessary to diss other people’s parents. I mean, sure other parents aren’t as awesome as yours but they are trying. But what do I know?


It’s no surprise that I like Denzel Curry. He’s a great rapper and RICKY just solidified that fact. I definitely want to hear more from him. 8.5/10.

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