Tanasha Donna feat Barak Jacuzzi – Radio Single Review

tanasha donna

This review has been in my draft segment for three whole days. I was taking my time to review Radio because I had mixed feelings about Tanasha Donna and her new single. All I knew about her before she broke out with her new hit is that she is dating Diamond Platnumz. What I will tell you for sure that Tanasha Donna holds her head up high in her debut single, Radio, and I’m genuinely interested to see where she goes from here.


As mentioned, this is Tanasha’s debut single; a pretty bold single for that matter. The video dropped last week and it has been creating such a buzz around social media platforms thanks to Diamond’s support and the video itself trending in Kenya and her promoting it aggressively.

Speaking of her promoting the single, did you see her performance at 10/10? Is it just me or was she lip-syncing? Barak tried rapping to the song with the voice and eventually followed suit. Doesn’t that affect her credibility?

Just like Ali Kiba and Khaligraph Jones’ new singles, her single isn’t available on audio streaming platforms. That’s a shame because she is ranking herself up there with the best of the best. At least add your music to Apple Music or Spotify. People like us do exist Tanasha; just so you know.


The song screams and feels Afro-pop. This is both a good and bad thing; good in a sense that she isn’t even trying to compete with other local artists; and bad that she has the bar high for herself. As long as she keeps maintaining the standards, she’ll be fine.

I’ll give credit for the well made video. It compliments to the Afro-pop feel I was talking about and Tanasha looks and sounds professional. Like, every little detail about the song was well thought of; even the feature, Barak Jacuzzi. It was my first time hearing his name but he gave me a good impression. I’ll definitely keep an eye out for him.

Lyrical Theme

Tanasha keeps it simple here; talking about her grind and how she is making serious moves. There is your typical mentions of sick ice and expensive stuff like iPhones but they are harmless. I think the song deserved some swagger to it and she delivered so I can’t be mad about that. This is one of those rare moments where I’m letting someone bragging aimlessly get away with it.


The main question is; would I add this song to my playlist. Yes, if it were only available on Apple Music or Spotify. Ignoring my personal issues with the song, this is a bold start from Tanasha Donna and I’m genuinely interested where she goes from here. 8/10.

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