Taylor Swift – ME! Single Review

Taylor Swift is back ladies and gentlemen. Prepare yourself to see endless tweets and captions with her lyrics. I also expect to see her music to be charting worldwide and radios to be repeating her songs day in day out. Don’t get me wrong; her music has always been good (except whatever was going on with her last album). However, I have hopes for Taylor Swift’s new album with her recent release ME!. It’s a good song.


This is her new single for her upcoming album set to come out some time later this year. She did mention that the title of her album is in the music video; but I had no time to figure it out so you guys will tell me instead. What I do appreciate is her departure from the dark pop theme she had in her Reputation album. I didn’t like it.


This is your typical pop song with typical pop beats with your typical pop stars. We all know Taylor Swift and we all know Brendon Urie, Panic at the Disco’s front man. What we get is a mixture of both artist’s production styles; Taylor Swift’s catchy tunes and Brendon’s instrument beats. The combination works well and I like it.

One thing to note is that this song is super radio friendly. It ticks all the boxes that radios expect artists to fulfil before they shove the song down our throats. Unfortunately, that’s what we’ll get in the coming weeks or so before she releases another song. While I do like the song, I’m afraid I won’t like it after a couple of repeated listens on the radio.

Lyrical Theme

The song is generally about how individual egos/superiority complex usually gets in the way of a relationship. It’s relatable to the masses which means there will definitely be captions of the lyrics on people’s Instagram photos. What I do like is that the song is so simple to understand and it’s so easy to like. That’s what makes Taylor Swift a mega pop star.

I also like the chemistry between Swift and Urie; they must have a good time making this song. You can feel like they did. Their chemistry and their simple lyrics give us this good pop song.


I like it. Taylor’s departure from dark pop is a welcome change and I like the chemistry between the two artists. It’s a good song. 8/10.

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