Pink – Hurts 2B Human Album Review

Pink is a legend in the music industry. She has been serving us with great pop hits; some of which I still rock to (Raise your Glass comes to mind). However, I didn’t like her previous album Beautiful Trauma. I found it tame and focused on political justice. Pink is back with her new album, Hurts 2B Human, and it is also tame. But it is by no means bad.


This is her eight studio album in her career. It has 13 tracks and the overall run time is 43 minutes. She definitely went all out with making sure that her album was well made having writers like  Beck, Sia, Chris Stapleton, Khalid, Julia Michaels, Max Martin, and Dan Reynolds contributing to the production.

Yes, this is a pop album but Pink is so introspective in this album that pop isn’t the right word to use to describe it.


There is a little bit of everything when you listen to this album. You got your slow jams like My Attic, house beats in the song Can we pretend and even some jazz vibes in Hustle. But, it’s the slow jams that dominate the overall theme of the album.

In my opinion, the slow vibes generally hurt the listening experience. Sure, 13 tracks aren’t many by any stretch but it felt like I was listening to it for hours. It also kind of discouraged me from listening to it again because my mind already knew that it would be long before I’m done with it.

That doesn’t mean that it isn’t a well produced album; it is. Everything about is good but it’s certainly didn’t wow me as the likes of Jorja Smith’s album. Yes, comparing the two is far-fetched but both albums have similar vibes and I really enjoyed Jorja’s album. I’m just having a hard time wondering why I don’t feel the same about Pink’s album.

Lyrical Themes 

There is so much that she talks about in the album. I’ll just be nit-picky and talk about the ones that I genuinely liked.

Hurts 2B Human (feat Khalid) talks about how messed up it is to be human but at least you have someone with you to face it all. It’s a decent collab between the two artists as they have good chemistry. Pink does have great chemistry with other artists.

We could have it all is my favorite song of the album. She tells her ex that they could’ve had it all and how he broke the promises he meant to keep. What makes the song so great is how she delivers the song and the beats compliment the great singing. I’m definitely adding this to my playlist.

Perhaps the most introspective song is Circle Game. Pink mentioned in an interview that the song is about growing up and still feeling like that little girl waiting for her dad to fix her problems and realizing that things have changed. She’s the one having kids and they want her to fix their problems and that changed how she looks at her kids. You should definitely listen to this song.

Walk Me Home, My Attic and Happy are other introspective songs you might consider, if that’s your kind of music.

Of course, we get your typical songs about love like: Miss You Sometime (which I don’t like at all); Love me anyway which is an okay song made better by Chris Stapleton’s background vocals; 90 days which is a well executed song (reminds me of that collab she did with Nate Ruess).

However, this diversity and great production just makes it an okay experience. That’s as far as it gets. Everything is just okay. It’s not bad but it isn’t great either. This brings me to an interesting conclusion.


If you are a Pink fan, you might support her all the way to the end and that’s okay. I’m just a reviewer saying how I felt about it; it’s just okay. There are some good songs but the overall listening experience is just okay. 7/10.

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