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Diamond Platnumz – The One Single Review

I feel like this has been a long time coming; me reviewing music from Diamond Platnumz. There is no denying that he is a powerhouse in today’s music industry; just look at how radio stations repeat his songs on a daily basis. Not to mention most of my friends do enjoy his music. Diamond Platnumz has been dominant and the trend continues with his new single The One. It’s a safe song for the many reasons I’m about to explain.


For the record, this is not a single from his debut album, A Boy From Tandale. This is actually new music which may or may not suggest a new project is in the works. Unlike Khaligraph Jones and Ali Kiba, Diamond values the importance of streaming platforms. Thank goodness. As a matter of fact, I thank him because he is making my work easier.


The song was produced by Lizer Classic, the resident producer of WCB label. One of the things I have noticed about this song is that you’ll have a feeling that you’ve heard such kind of a song before. So, you get this feeling that you know that it’s a new song but it isn’t new. You get me? I still like the beats and how the song progresses. Good production all round.

Another thing that makes it familiar is Diamond himself. We are not getting anything new from him; same singing; same catchy vibes he brings; and good use of Swahili vocabulary. Btw, you could learn a lot of Swahili just by listening to his songs; so kudos to him.

Lyrical Theme

It’s a love song dedicated to the one he loves. Again, nothing new that we haven’t heard from him. This is why I’m calling it a safe song. It’s not a bad thing in this case. I mean, Diamond Platinumz doesn’t have to prove anything else to us. So I’m fine with it.

What I do find interesting is how they go all out of the visuals. The song may be okay but the visuals are better, making it a better song in general. The same is true for Ali Kiba’s song. I need to discuss about this more in length.


The One is just an okay song. I don’t think it wouldn’t affect his stardom if he hadn’t released it but it’s fine. He played it safe and the results are equally safe. 7/10.

Published by Elvis Mwangi

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