Lizzo – Cuz I Love You Album Review

I am writing this because, I mean, cuz I love you Lizzo! Oh I’m sorry, I know it’s not Lizzo reading
this; man I wish it was. Before we even talk about her latest album, I just wanted to make it clear
that I love Lizzo as a woman first of all. She is a self-love and self-care enthusiast who is truly
committed to the cause. It’s important to note that self love is not the only message she is
trying to put out. In the song “Better in Color”, she says, “It’s not enough to love ourselves, we
also have to love each other.” And just like that we get into the music!


With this being her first release since her 2016 Coconut Oil EP, Lizzo outdid herself. Well at least
I think she did. The album, 33 minutes long, dropped on April 19th, 2019. Perfect length if you
ask me and I think this is the type of album that brings about good vibes. Are you feeling bored
after spending the whole day on Netflix? Have you been procrastinating some work with the
excuse that you need good music to drive you to do it? Are you feeling sad and ugly because
you look like a bag of potatoes today? Well, this is the perfect album for you. How would I describe this album in two words? Short and sweet. Okay technically those were 3 words but
they were 2 adjectives; so I don’t know if that’s acceptable. You know what, never mind, this
album is REAL GOOD.


The album which was produced and released through Nice Life and Atlantic Records features
some great artists – Missy Elliott and Gucci Mane. There is a mixture but perfect fusion of
different genres – pop, funk, rock, hip-hop and R&B.

Lyrical Themes

The masterpiece of a project covers self-love, women/girl empowerment, love and many more.
It starts off with Cuz I Love You which is a weird flex but okay moment. I say this because what
are those vocals and notes Lizzo? She hits them so effortlessly and just prepares you for the
album. When I first listened to it I was like, “so you got the VOCALS vocals?” This song is a
whole brassy orchestral moment I loved.

Like A Girl was a good way to switch up the old cliché mindset that comes when you say that
statement. Why do people tell boys to stop crying like a girl as if it is a sign of weakness? Why
do people say that she is playing like a girl like its not good enough? “Serena Williams plays like
a girl and she’s the greatest athlete on the planet, you know?”, Lizzo told Apple Music. Acting
like a girl is not so weak or any less after all – ‘If you feel like a girl/then you real like a girl‘. Every
time I listen to that song I get girl power vibes and feel empowered. What a time to be a girl!

Juice is the self love anthem. This hit song had already been released before the album. It
makes you love and feel good about yourself. You have to listen to this song when standing in
front of a mirror for the culture because damn why wouldn’t you want to look at all that sauce?
This song will make people feel sorry for being in your presence because you actually have all
the juice! But it’s not your fault because “Ain’t my fault that I’m out here makin news/ I’m the
pudding in the proof/ Gotta blame it on my juice

Soulmate is an extension of the self love anthem because Lizzo clearly states that she is her
own soulmate. One of my favorites songs that I can dance to. It’s a bop. What is a pop album
without covering love in one or five songs? Jerome is exactly what you expected. A cliché song
dedicated to an ex. Send this song to you ex, that’s all I’m gonna say. Or wait, you can’t because
you deleted their number or you guys blocked each other? I don’t want to start a war so don’t do
that. Just listen to this song and cry because it’s the nostalgic song you need.

Cry Baby was an okay song for me. I wasn’t feeling it but maybe that’s just me. Try it. Tempo is
such a mood. It’s actually a club banger. It gave me City Girl vibes if you know what I mean. You
can get down to this song and Missy Elliot does justice to her verse. Exactly How I feel is a
great transition from Tempo. It’s a happy song that again, you can dance to, in the car. Gucci
Mane was a smart feature because there is actually a line that goes like “Don’t hide no
emotions/Wear ’em on my sleeve/All my feeling’s Gucci“. I felt like my endless feelings and emotions were justified because guess what, I am proud of them and I do not have to hide them.

Not to be an annoying millennial, but I feel like Better In Colour is a song the LGBTQ community
would love. You know how the pride flag is just colorful, that’s what I thought of when I first
heard this song. Lizzo wanted us to know that we can love anyone we want t love. It doesn’t
matter what their gender, sexual orientation, skin color or economic background is. Let’s just

Heaven Help Me is a song about the journey that is self confidence. You just don’t wake up and
love yourself. You have good days where you are so confident, days filled with self doubt and
days where you are vulnerable. Lingerie was a chill way to end the album. It’s a sexy song and
her vocals are over the top. It’s almost like she ended on a high note, literally.


I think the album was well produced and you could tell that it took a lot of work to carefully talk
about the lyrical themes. Well, good things take time and I give this album an 8/10. My top 3
favorites currently are Tempo, Juice and Like a Girl, in that order. You can get the whole album here (or stream down below) and I hope you like it as much as I did.

Published by Keshie Muchai

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