Khaligraph Jones – Superman Single Review

It’s good to review Khaligraph Jone’s music in this blog once again. I considered his album to be very mature and I considered it the best Kenyan album of 2018. No doubt, he is a great rapper. Khaligraph Jones just released Superman a couple of days ago and I like it, for the most part.


So, I came across the song via YouTube Trending videos. For the record, it’s a good video. You get all the things you expect from a Hip Hop video; a flashy car, some guys throwing gang signs, a vixen twerking and of course, the rapper doing his thing.

What I did find interesting is that the song is yet to be released on the regular streaming platforms I use; namely Spotify and Apple Music. Were it not for the fact that I was looking for a video to watch because I was bored, I wouldn’t know he dropped a new single. Or video. Both.


Given that this is a Khaligraph Jones song, there is nothing short of quality here. The production, handled by Motif the Don, is great. He also worked with him in his debut album and I also expressed my love for the production. People say that Jones tries to bring US vibes to the Kenyan scene but fact remains he does a great job with his songs compared to what other artists put out. His flow, his beats, the swagger and the energy he brings cannot be underestimated.

Lyrical Themes

It’s your typical rap song. He talks about getting love from his fans, how he has earned his way to the top and that there is no stopping him. Simply put, he is just reminding people who he is and what he is capable of; a point he drives clearly home in the three verses.

Other than that, the song is fine. Not for a moment did I think he would put out a bad song but it’s fine for me. Perhaps I have heard better songs from him in his album Testimony 1990. It could be but this is by no means a bad song.


This is Khaligraph Jones at his best reminding us once again why he is one of the best artists in Kenya. It’s a good song but certainly not my favorite from him. I give it an 8/10 and I hope he releases the song to the streaming platforms.

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