Ali Kiba – Mbio Single Review

I’ll be honest, I’m not a huge fan of Bongo Music; the main genre from Tanzania. Sure, there are some good songs and some good artists like Diamond Platnumz and Ali Kiba but it isn’t my cup of tea. But, this is a music blog and I review the latest songs from East Africa and beyond so here I am reviewing Ali Kiba’s new single Mbio. You may necessarily agree with me on this but hear me out okay?


Mbio is a Bongo song by well-established artist Ali Kiba. Just like Khaligraph Jone’s new single, I found out about it through YouTube’s trending page. This song is not on Spotify or Apple Music; at least for now. It’s a shame really because those are the platforms I use to review albums and singles. Why aren’t local artists making use of the platform? I need to know why.


Okay, I have a couple of issues with this song. While the beats are great, giving you the slow and chill vibes, the same cannot be said for Ali Kiba in this song. I don’t know if it’s just me but I have better from him in other songs. He sounds like he would rather be doing something else. The delivery is lacking from an otherwise, excellent production of the beats.

Don’t get me wrong, I have heard this song like 8 times now; I feel like he could have done better. The song is good but could’ve been better with better delivery. At least he covers that part with a good music video. Speaking of which, why are African artists going out of their way to make great music videos when the song itself isn’t that good. It’s a weird kind of investment if you are to ask me.

One last thing, did he use Auto Tune? Why? He has a great voice; why would he use Auto Tune? I’m confused.

Lyrical Themes

If you go to the description of the music video on YouTube, Ali Kiba describes the song as follows:

Mbio is a “love gone wrong” ballad that explains the feelings of a man who is still in love with his woman, who has fallen out of love with him. What to do? sometimes it’s better to just walk away.. MBIO!!

Well, there is nothing much to discuss after reading that. That’s what the song is all about and it is well portrayed in the video. While the theme is good, I can’t help but go back to his delivery. It is the weakest part of this song. Unless you listen very carefully, you wouldn’t know what he is talking about. And that’s unfortunate because I like everything else about the song.


Great production, great video, great lyrical theme discussed but there is a lacking delivery. This hurts the overall package delivered to us. I have certainly heard better from Ali Kiba and I certainly hope he delivers even better with his future releases. 7/10.

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