Victoria Kimani & Stella Mwangi – Number One Single Review

A couple of months back, Kenyans were using the hashtag #PlayKenyanMusic to push music from up and coming artists. To be honest, those songs were trash and here is to hoping that I don’t come across them any time soon. I was against the hashtag until I heard this collaboration between Victoria Kimani and Stella Mwangi. These are some of Kenya’s artists who are doing it big in the international scene. Victoria Kimani is certainly making an impact on the African scene and Stella Mwangi doesn’t need to introduce herself.

This song was released over a week ago along with another song that I will review (stay subscribed for that). After listening to it a couple of times, I would definitely recommend using the #PlayKenyanMusic all day everyday.


This is one of the two singles released by Victoria Kimani; the other being Swalalala. It’s slightly under three minutes with the pair delivering one verse each. I would consider this an Afro-pop song because of the vibes it gives me.


The beats were produced by TUC, a Nigerian-based music producer, and they are awesome. Definitely the highlight of the single. You can even tell that you are listening to good quality music. Victoria Kimani and Stella Mwangi deliver their verses flawlessly which when you add with the great beats results into a hit song.

Lyrical Theme

Basically, the duo is reminding their haters that they are still on top of their game. It’s a bold message for the critics who thought that they are washed up. Even if I wasn’t a fan of their music (but I am), I wouldn’t deny the fact that they are doing it better than most artists. Besides, they are making better music than what I get to hear today.

The Verdict

I love it. Whether you’ll be listening to the song for the beats or what the duo have to say, one thing remains constant; you’ll enjoy it. Victoria Kimani and Stella Mwangi are the ones pushing Kenya’s music industry forward and people criticizing their efforts is just disrespectful. I’m glad they put the record straight in this song. 9.2/10.

You can listen to Number One here:

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