This has been a long awaited album since the group (LSD) announced that they are going to be working together. For Sia stans like myself, we have pretty much been waiting for any song from her. Anything was gonna do it for us. Genius, Audio, Thunderclouds and No New Friends were some teasers before the album dropped on 12th April, 2019. Not to be a pun artist but I think it was genius for them to come together, Sia and Labrinth are like the best songwriters that exist not forgetting all the notes they can hit, and Diplo being a magical producer fusing all this together to make a pop album that is LSD. One word. Genius.


Consisting of 10 songs, the 30 minute album starts with Welcome to the Wonderful World Of which is a perfect intro for a group project. More like an invitation as ” People of earth, boys and girls, children of all ages, Welcome to the world of Labrinth, Sia and Diploooooooo” is how the song ends. What I loved most about the album is how smoothly they work together. You get Sia’s sky-scraping yelps and cooed verses and Labrinth’s soaring melodies in most of the songs where they trade verses frequently.


Angel in Your Eyes which has a playful melody is cast over an electronic rhythm. Like most of the songs in the album, there is a lot of repetition but this is covered up for by Sia’s high notes. This is the type of song you would see two lovers dancing to in the streets at night. “Let me love you tonight, Let me live in your thighs“, this is clearly one for the couples in love.


Genius is a happy song and definitely one of my best songs off this project. Recent studies show that this song will make the guy who falls in love with you feel like a genius because “Only a genius could love a woman like she“. It’s definitely a catchy song, again, cause of the repetition in the hook and the electro-orchestra chords.


Not to be dramatic but Audio felt like a foreshadow of the album as Sia sings, “make the bomb, bomb beat, I’ll give you melody, make the song so sweet, you gon’ come home with me“. I felt like this was Sia talking to Diplo.  He definitely delivered the 808 bomb trap tinge in this song and got to make a whole album with her. Don’t you just stan my genius interpretation skills by now?


Thunderclouds was no surprise as it hit the charts as one of the best pop singles late last year and even made it to a Samsung Ad. Diplo, having strong Caribbean influence in his work, included embellishments like mariachi horns in the song. No New Friends is a such a refreshing song from Mountains which is not one of my favs. Just hours after this song was released, Sia tweeted that she wished they had titled the song Know New Friends and that’s when I knew our connection was deeper than just music because she gets it. Ugh, her mind. Go out and make friends, boys and girls. Stop being the person who says some people can’t join your friend group because chances are, you are missing out on a lot of good personalities. Diplo included some dancehall rhythms in the song too which makes it irresistible.


Heaven Can Wait and It’s Time are a calm ending to the album. But they had to surprise us by featuring Lil Wayne in a Genius remix which is the 10th song. I still prefer the original song cause I didn’t feel like he did much to the song. All he does is teach us how to spell out L-S-D in a cool way. Talking about “A-B-C, D-R-U-G, H-I-J-K, L-S-D“. Literally no one asked for that but we appreciate his input.


In general, I would not say that this is the best work they have done because I know they can do better. Most of the songs were already released before the album so it lacked the wow factor. I didn’t have an ‘aha moment’ because a song would play and I’d be like, Oh I have heard this song before – I hate when artists do that. Anyway, I’d give this album a solid 7/10 because I would play it again. I am playing it right now as I’m typing this. It gives off this fresh energy and good vibes. My best songs off the album are Angel in Your Eyes, Genius and No New Friends. Being their first project together, we can definitely expect more from this A list supergroup in future.


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Published by Keshie Muchai

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