Saweetie – ICY EP Review

For some time, I have been complaining about female rappers giving us the same generic stuff. All I want is for a female who will only rap and avoid this pop nonsense. Nicki Minaj thrives in the pop world; Cardi is also there but still wants to relate with the streets; and Dreezy is trying to replicate the same in her projects. So far, I’m not impressed; until I saw ICY on my recommended records to listen to. Could she change my mind about female rappers? Yes, I do think so.


ICY is the second EP released by Saweetie, a female rapper from Hayward California. The EP is 7 tracks long; kinda wish it was longer but I’m fine with what I got. I’m happy to say that this is true rap music at its best. I really had a good time listening to this EP. As I write this, I have put it on repeat five times, added it to my long library.


Wow, the production is superb. I couldn’t help but feel that this was album-caliber production. ICY sounds better than what Nicki had to give us in her Queen album. Yeah I said it, come at me. What I did enjoy is the nostalgic feeling I got from some songs. For instance, I got crunk vibes from My Type and 90s vibes from Emotional. I’m sure I’m not the only one who noticed this.

On top of that, we have Saweetie herself just killing it. She has this command in her voice that lets you know that she isn’t here to play around. Her voice has that swagger of a boss lady; and I love it.

What about the features? I’m actually referring to Quavo because he is the only feature. To be honest, he fits well in the two songs he is in. It’s like Saweetie and Quavo have this chemistry; the same one you see with two people dating (they are btw). Well done, Quavo. You changed my mind.

So far so good, Saweetie is recreating Hip Hop music in her own way and I’m down with it.

Lyrical Themes

What more do you expect from rap music? Same old bragging, same old talk about no competition, same old typical “RnB” song (*cough* Hot Boy *cough*) and the same old club hits. However, she is doing it her way and I’m happy with her execution.

While I consider Hot Boy as the weakest song in the EP, she isn’t in her feelings as much because she talks about 8-inch bagels being her type. Yeah…let that sink in. At least she isn’t contradicting herself like Nicki and Cardi who claim cutting people off in a matter of minutes and still talk about being heartbroken. Please Saweetie, if you’ll ever read this, don’t do this. To me, you are rapper, not a RnB artist.

Also, what’s your obsession with iced-out jewelry? I need to know because you mentioned it one too many times. As a matter of fact, ICY is the name of the EP so…

The Verdict

This is the best rap project I’ve heard from a female rapper in some time. Saweetie, you’ve officially got yourself a new fan. I’ll be sure to look out for more of her releases. This gets an 8.5/10. 

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