Rich The Kid – The World is Yours 2 Album Review

You know what? I think there is a pattern that seems to emerge with trap music albums. And it is not a good sign. For the most part, I like trap beats and that’s pretty much it. I don’t care what the rappers say in the songs and when I do care, I just wish I focused my attention on the beats.

I’ll be honest, I don’t like Rich The Kid’s music. Other than his hit song Plug Walk, that’s as far as I can tell you about him. Thank God for Google, am I right? Anyway, this isn’t a quiz game about who knows about every rapper; it’s an album review. Let’s get to it.


This is a sequel to his debut album, The World is Yours. As you would expect, I haven’t listened to it but I know for sure that I haven’t missed out on much. I just read somewhere that he claimed that it (the debut album) would be the best album of 2018. You got my attention now Mr. Rich. It wouldn’t hurt to give it a listen.

So, The World is Yours 2 is a 16-track rap album. Trapping is more like it because there is nothing much he says in his songs as you will see in a couple of minutes.


As I mentioned earlier, I really like trap beats. They make you feel like geeking so hard to the beat. Explains why they are so popular in clubs and parties. The same case applies with Rich’s album; the production is great. I loved the beats and that’s the only thing I like about it.

What about the rest of it? Well, let’s have a look.

For starters, the album is 16 tracks long, longer than the recommended 12. You know what? I’ll forgive him for it because of the good beats. Moving on, he has a butt load of features in his album. We have Offset, Big Sean, Miguel, Ty Dolla Sign, Tory Lanez, Lil Pump, Takeoff and a couple of more guys. These are big names which makes you wonder how much was spent making the album. What kind of question is that? He’s Rich The Kid right? Of course he’ll pay.

Also, we seriously need to stop sleeping on Big Sean. It’s crazy how he has been in the game for almost a decade now and his efforts are yet to be appreciated. I’m only saying this because he had a great verse in the song Two Cups. That, however, is the only praise that you’ll see from me when we talk about lyrical prowess.

Lyrical Themes

There are two tales to this part of the album. Should I play the critic who upholds good music and criticize the bland lyrics or should I just let it slide because it’s a trap album? What to do?

Honestly, the lyrics are the weakest part about the album. Sure, his songs are lit and all but he isn’t saying much. All you’ll hear is him talking about buying expensive shit that cost 8 racks but did a show that returned that money. Or how he stole a man’s girlfriend (really?) and how he’s better in bed. Or how he is better than other guys who are trying to copy his style.

Here’s the thing; I’ve heard it a million times already. For a casual listener, they won’t mind it as much but audiophiles like me who listen to new albums on a regular basis, it gets repetitive. In 2019, I have listened to Future’s and Lil Pump’s album. They both sound the same and some of their songs are actually worth the listen. The World is Yours is more or less the same and I don’t want to keep listening to the same kind of stuff.

Unless rappers come up with some way of making their music interesting, I don’t think my review scores will change.

The Verdict

Yes, there are some songs that I might add to my playlist but it’s just okay as a whole package. I realize I’m asking for more diversity from rappers which I may never get it and that’s a damn shame. I give it a 6.5/10.


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