Why Reading Should Be One Of Your Hobbies

I begin this article with something that happened to me over a week ago(more like months ago). Don’t worry, it wasn’t something horrific or anything close to that. It was just interesting. So, I boarded a bus from town to visit a friend of mine who needed my assistance in making a YouTube video. I’ve never done a video before but there I was just going there to give her moral support. At least. 😂

Back to the bus though, it got full and the journey began. There was this young man who was standing at the front. He looked like a business promoter or those guys from AIM global. (Side note, how many people have approached you about that affiliate marketing strategy?) Since I’ve never had any good encounters with the guys from AIM global, I was already not looking forward to what he will say. Once he started speaking, however, he got my interest.

He brought up something people rarely talk about; books. “How often do you read books?” he would ask. He, obviously, didn’t get an answer because, you know, Kenyans. Anyway, he was urging people on the importance of reading books on a regular basis as it changes our way of thinking things, from making money to living a satisfactory life. This then led him to announce his book in which he talks about the importance of reading books which just cost a dollar. There were several people who did buy the book (good for him) but I wasn’t among them.

Why? Because I’ve already read a book about the importance of reading books. The book is called The Code of the Extraordinary Mind by Vishen Lakhiani and it is the best book I have read this year. No doubt. The premise of the book is to help you change your perspective about life. There is so much more to life than going to school, getting a job, having a family (maybe) and dying. By the time you finish that book, the author encourages you to read other books because learning never stops. Be curious and learn about the mysteries of the world.

My question to you now is this, how often do you read books? You might be like me who pulls out a book every free chance I get or you may not even read one in ages. Please note that I have no preference of which book you read, be it fiction or non-fiction. As long as you’re reading a book, you’re on the right path.

You see, there is a beauty of having knowledge at your fingertips. It helps you tackle problems with a new perspective and makes it look easy. For example, once you read Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus by John Gray, you will never see your relationships the same way you have been seeing it. Yes, you say relationships are difficult but it is only because you don’t understand something important about yourself (man or woman) and your significant other. Once you understand, you will find it much easier to be in loving relationships.

Perhaps the second best book I’ve read this year is Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert. It’s a book I would recommend to all the people pursuing any form of art. Be it, writing (like me), music or even painting. That book is the real deal. It makes art sound so fun and wonderful that it has inspired me to do more with my blog, as you will notice sooner or later.

How can I forget Love Yourself Like Your Life Depends On It by Kamal Ravikant. It’s a really short book that goes straight to the point about how loving yourself can drastically improve your life. This is a definite recommend to everyone. I think I’ve talked about this book before in this blog or the previous one. I would advise you to start with this one, it’s so easy to finish.

As you can see from my few examples, there are so many books out there that can help you change your perspective about everything. Yes, everything. Even God. The Bible is not the only book that talks about God. There are people in today’s world who have had Conversations with God (that’s actually the name of the book) and others even had the privilege of seeing heaven with their own eyes. It’s all wonderful and awe-inspiring to read.

What are you waiting for then? Grab a book and start reading. Once you finish it, grab another book.  There is always a book about everything. I mean, everything.

If you want me to share these books with you, just send me a mail at admin@theanomalydiary.com. I’ll send all the books I have and we can discuss about them.


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