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2 Chainz- Rap or Go to the League Album Review

Based on a Tru Story 2 was the last album I ever heard from Tauheed Epps. That was way back in 2013. I liked some of his clever bars but he wasn’t one of my favorite rappers. 6 years later, I’m back to listening to 2 Chainz once more and it seems I have been missing out on a lot.


A 14-track rap album. Let me just mention I was expecting it to be another trap album but I was proven wrong. Rap or Go to the League is one mature album and I genuinely had a good time listening to it. Can we also appreciate how great of a rapper he is now? It’s true what they say; you do get better with time. This album is a true testament to that saying.

Perhaps his previous albums are good too. I need to catch up real fast.


Again, this is a mature album and everything about it feels well done. The beats are great; the features do a fantastic job. Despite it being two tracks longer than the recommended 12, I didn’t mind it one bit. As a matter of fact, I found myself having a good time listening to it. As a matter of fact, I’ll have another listen again once I’m done writing this.

Let’s talk about the features for a minute. We have Kendrick Lamar, Lil Wayne, Young Thug and Travis Scott gracing us with their presence. Kendrick’s feature has to be the highlight. Damn, that man can get intense on the mic. He just spits those bars and you are like

Man’s on another level.

One song that did catch my attention was 2 Dollar Bill. I don’t know about you guys but I got the same vibes as I’m Different. Think about it; the flow is somewhat similar; the song is produced by Dj Mustard. Come to think of it, 2 Chainz was among the first to embrace Dj Mustard’s production. Damn, man’s a legend and people underrate his contributions.

Lyrical Themes

This is where things get interesting. Like I said, I was expecting it to be another trap album but I got way more than that. It’s like I got to hear a different side of 2 Chainz. Again, he might have done this with his previous efforts (I seriously need to catch up).

While you do get your typical bragging songs like High Top Versace (I love this song) and Whip, 2 Chainz dedicates a song to his wife (Rule the World) and talks about how messed up life is in the streets. My favorite has to be Sam where he talks about taxes. That’s the realest thing he has ever talked about in my opinion. Speaking of that song, I have a question for Tauheed? Did Diddy really pay 105 million dollars in taxes? Jeez.


In the song Threat 2 Society, 2 Chainz talks about how he never gets the credit he deserves. I agree with him. He has come a long way from his days of New Playaz Circle. This album is currently the best album I have heard this year and it has rekindled my interest in his music. Good stuff. 9/10

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