T-Pain – 1UP Album Review

Wow. Never did I think I would review any of his albums. Maybe if I did classic album reviews (which I’m planning to do), I’m sure he wouldn’t be left out. However, he has dropped this album and I have the chance to see if he still got it.

I remember listening to him when I was a kid with his signature use of Auto tune. Back then, I didn’t mind artists making use of the technology unlike today where they are trying to outdo each other in a who-has-the-worst-voice-competition. Fortunately, T-Pain can sing well. He even won in the first season of The Masked Singer. Best believe the man can sing.


A perfect 12-track Hip Hop album. I have seen articles calling it a comeback album and I am compelled to agree with them. This is a great album and he actually sounds better than he has ever been. Oh yeah, he still uses auto tune in this record. I don’t mind it at all. Perhaps he’s just trolling us at this point. We know that he can sing but he just prefers to mess around with some software.


Oh wow. Let me be honest with you guys; I love this album. What’s there to like?

Let’s begin with the beats; my God they are so good. Do you remember back in the day when he used to adopt to Crunk Music? This time, he is adopting to trap music and it’s a bop. There are moments I was literally dancing to some songs like Getcha Roll On.

The features are also great. We got the likes of Tory Lanez, Boosie (remember him?), Russ, OT Genasis, the two Dineros (Profit and Flip) and Lil Wayne. Oh Tunechi, you just had to come up with some clever bars. Take a look at this one

I know some bitches that deserve they panties on my shelf but they didn’t have no underwear.

Vintage Lil Wayne. Oh dear, I sound like Michael Cole.

Last but certainly the most important aspect, it has 12 tracks. I’ll keep in saying this, and I won’t stop, don’t make long albums. It ruins the listening experience. Besides, who wants to listen to something that feels like a drag?

Lyrical themes

Given that this is his “comeback” album, it isn’t surprising to see him talk about his story of redemption in the songs 1UP and Goat Talk. Btw, the latter is my favorite song. I mean, the rapping in that song is so intense that I had to take a breather after the song ended. They were speaking nothing but facts.

Other than that, we also get some party bangers like RIP to the Parking Lot and Getcha Roll On. Unsurprisingly, he also has a questionable song. In the song Be your X, he literally wants to be the X. It gets better, he wants to remembered as the best X because he hopes the new guy won’t beat him. Basically, he will treat her like a queen then dump her ass so that she thinks about him when things aren’t going great in the new relationship. That is disturbing. Why not enjoy the relationship for what it is?

And yes, we also do have some RnB tracks which I actually don’t mind. Once again, the man can sing so I’ll let it slide. However, these other rappers should stick to what they know. Getting all emotional after telling us how you don’t care about anything is quite misleading.


I want to thank T-Pain for making this album. Certainly, I didn’t know that I needed to hear it but I’m glad I did. Welcome back. 8.7/10


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