My Random Thoughts #10

2019 is moving too fast. I think we need to slow it down.

They are just thoughts, don’t take it personally.

State of the Country

Kenya is one messed up country with some messed up leaders and some messed up citizens. I am among those messed up citizens. We are some bad debts to pay and all these leaders can think of doing is loot more money. They are busy temporarily making themselves rich, forgetting about tomorrow.

The funniest thing is that these are educated people. One can imagine they wasted their time in school just to become professional thieves. I am not happy with current events and I am ashamed of the kind of leaders we choose. I, including many others, blame only ourselves for this mess.

However, there is a silver lining to all of this. Only just a silver lining. If you are like me, a member of the new generation, you know how important the future is for us. The next general election will be a litmus test for the future of the country. Unless people want to follow the footsteps of becoming of becoming looters, we have a chance at redemption. Only time will tell.

A stressful week

So much has happened in one week. It’s like all of my lecturers wanted their assignments to be submitted in one week. You can imagine me typing away for hours all in the name of meeting the deadlines. Thank God I wrote my articles beforehand.

Now that’s over with and I have a new challenge before me. Assessment Tests. Yipee.

February in general…

…has been an interesting month. A brief but interesting month. Perhaps the highlight was creating the blogging community. I’ve gotten chance to interact with other bloggers and view their work. Awesome stuff I tell you. I’ll be reposting some of their posts in this blog soon enough for you to enjoy.

Onto other things, I read 5 books this month. It would’ve been 6 but I haven’t finished my current book so that score will be carried to this month. Also, I rekindled my interest for house music. It has gotten better since 2016.

I’m Dropping my Profanity

Sorry guys, I have to be a good boy. Just like YouTube vloggers are forced to censor their content in order to get ad revenue, the same is true for blogs. I want quality ads on my blog and the only way I can do that is play it safe. So, no more cursing.

I’m a new man.

More Albums to Review

Four more albums were released this week. This is making me have sleepless nights listening to new music. However, I love working under pressure and I love having my trusted pair of headphones all the time.

The only disadvantage is that I barely get time to do creative writing but I will do something about it.

Progress with my habit tracking

Ever since I finished reading Atomic Habits, I have been  on a quest to track and implement good habits. It looks something like this.

So far, I’m complementing like 60% of the tasks. It’s not like I was to do them from the word go but it’s a decent try. It should get better this week.

That’s it from me. Make sure you’re subscribed to the newsletter. We are done with relationships and the focus is now on intelligence. It’s really cool.

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