Offset – Father of 4 Album Review

I’m sure you’ll agree with me that the Migos have been shoved down our throats ever since they found success with Bad n Boujee. After releasing Culture II, they decided to venture into their individual projects and have been released consecutively over the past few months. I reviewed Quavo’s album and completely missed Takeoff’s album. There literally was no word about it being released. I came to know about it when I was on vacation which meant I could only listen to it but not review it.

Let’s agree about one thing, I will have to review it in the coming few days so that I can come up with a satisfying conclusion.

Back to the topic of discussion. Offset is the last album to be released from the trio. I certainly hope that this is the last album we’ll get from them for the rest of the year. The good thing is how Offset’s project surpassed my expectations in every single way. Quavo completely lowered my expectations, Takeoff lifted them a little bit higher and Offset has raised the bar. I’ll say it right now; this is the better album out of the three.


A 16 track rap album from one of the Migos. It is the second longest album between the three but the length won’t be questioned because of the surprisingly good quality offered.


I love everything about the production. Everything is well thought of and nothing ever feels out of place. Given that Offset is the better rapper of the Migos, his talent truly shines in this album. As you will see later on, he has a lot of things to address in the album.

The beats are well made, well-paced and well executed by the rapper from Atlanta. Unlike Quavo’s album, where I kept complaining about how he sounds incomplete without his comrades, Offset is confident being a solo artists and you can truly appreciate that while you listen to it.

The features are top quality too. With the likes of J Cole, 21 Savage, Travis Scott and even CeeLo Green, this indeed was well thought of. You might think I’m kissing Offset’s ass but I’m not. That’s how good this album is. And it’s coming from one of the Migos. Can you believe it?

Lyrical Themes

This is where I will throw all of my praise to Offset. What I do appreciate about this album is that it is completely different from what we have ever heard from him. We usually get the bragging, Boujee Offset. Here, we get more than that. Way more than what I was expecting.

For starters, the album begins with him talking about his four kids. He talks about the times when he got those kids and even doesn’t know if one of them is actually his. Damn. He also talks about how he had to grind to get to where he is right now and even addresses the Cardi breakup. That’s as personal as it gets. A better description for the album would be The Other Side of Offset.

Perhaps the best song has to be Clout. Not that it is that good but who it is being addressed to. You can tell how personal it was to Cardi when she was spitting her bars. Again, there are many issues addressed in this album that left me genuinely surprised. Sure, you do get your bragging songs here and there but they aren’t that many compared to the personal songs. Let me give credit where it is due.


My expectations were quite low for this album. Offset proved me wrong and I have new profound respect for the man. Good stuff. 8.2/10.


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