Lil Pump – Harverd Dropout Album Review

We all remember Gucci Gang right? The song that caused such a stir that people actually considered Rap music to be dead. This gave the rise to Sound Cloud rappers who all decided to call themselves Lil xxx. I, however, did enjoy the memes and parodies that followed afterwards.

I find Lil Pump interesting. There is nothing interesting about him. He is what people can consider the typical rapper; Doing drugs; having sick chains; blowing lots of money and bragging about it later; and demeaning women to just being sex objects.

If you think that this album talks about anything else other than what I have talked about in the previous paragraph, think again. There is nothing new brought to the table.


This is a rap album. I don’t feel like it should be considered a proper rap album. Given the quality rap albums I have heard in the past; I’m having a hard time accepting it to be of the same caliber. A point that will be explained in length in a couple of minutes.


Oh dear. The production is so generic. It’s like they decided to find 16 new ways of replicating Gucci Gang. The flow sounds the same, the beats are too simple that a 3-year-old could do a better job. I wouldn’t be surprised if the producers were just messing around with the piano keys and decided to add 808 beats.

Then we have Lil Pump. You know what? I’m not going to rant about him. For who he is, he hasn’t disappointed one bit in this record. That’s how we knew him from the word go and that’s who he is. What I did find surprising is the kind of features he has in his album. We have the likes of Offset, Quavo, Lil Wayne, YG, 2 Chainz and Kanye West. These are people who have conquered the world with their music and they were fine doing a collaboration with Mr. Pump. Maybe they didn’t mind getting paid. Hey, times are tough.

And yes, there are 16 songs in the album. I don’t mind it because the songs are relatively short and you’ll be surprised by how fast you’ll finish listening to it.

Lyrical themes

Man, this man’s music is so generic. What more do you expect from him? He talks about drugs, women and money in every song. He takes it to the next level by being proud of dropping out of school. Speaking of which, he got the Harvard spelling wrong. Maybe he wrote that on purpose. What we can’t deny is that he is getting paid but we can’t overlook that they are bound by contracts.

I’ll be honest, I only like two songs namely I love it and Eskeetit for no good reason; I just found myself repeating those two songs. However, there is no way I’ll ever repeat this album again. Three times was enough for me.

My only concern is who is Lil Pump’s demographic. His music certainly isn’t for me to enjoy. So, who enjoys his songs? Angry emo teenagers? Maybe. Just maybe.

Also, why does Lil Pump say the N word? Are we going to ignore this fact? Did Kanye approve of this? I need answers damn it.

Also, also, what the hell was Pump thinking when he made the song Vroom Vroom Vroom? I was laughing so hard at how bad it is. He must have been so wasted while making it. Just go and listen to it. You’ll have a good laugh.


My 10-year old cousin would agree with me that this album is bad. It’s not like I was expecting anything better from him. For who he is, this is the best he has to offer and that is good for him. This brings me to an interesting conclusion; the album is terrible when compared to the acceptable standards of a good album but it’s the best thing he has ever done to date. I give it a 5/10.

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