My Random Thoughts #9

How I still wake up every day and find things to write stuff, I don’t know. Must be another wonder of the world.

They are just thoughts, don’t take them personally


When it comes to some artists, they are harshly criticized and they succumb to the criticism. Others, like Akothee, absorb all the hate and lash back at you with double the effort you put out. She is one controversial human being.

You already know what she did recently that got everyone talking. I, in particular, enjoyed the memes. They were awesome. Other than that, I find no reason to criticize her. Let’s be honest, her music isn’t that bad; I actually like some of them. As a matter of fact, she is ticking all the right boxes for a good artist.

Releasing songs? Check. Getting constant radio time? Check. Creating social media buzz? Check. As you can see, all of this controversy is making her more popular than ever. I’m sure her next show will be full of people wanting to see her spread her legs again. Yeah, I wouldn’t want to pay money to see that.

Amina Mohamed

So, Amina wants to partner with the Kenya Police to arrest all the student loan defaulters. The same defaulters who graduated from learning institutions and are yet to find employment. Wow. It’s funny how the government can be quick to form alliances in the name of recovering money from innocent Kenyans but can’t arrest the people who steal from within. Unbelievable.

One thing we do have to understand is that the students are also to blame. There is a reason why the student loan exists. Not to have fun with it but rather to help your learning experience be as smooth as it possibly can; be it paying of fees or even buying of learning equipment. Most people don’t use it for those reasons anyway. In the end, you end up with unnecessary loans.

Both parties are to blame though. The Loans Board should be more thorough with the application process by tracing how the money is utilized and well-off students should consider other students who would make better use of it. Perhaps I should talk about this more in another post.

I’ve been lazy

You may not believe this but I have been one lazy motherfucker. Not with the blog; I’m talking about other stuff. I can barely focus on my studies, I’m spending too much time playing Two Dots on my phone and don’t get me started with my sleeping routine.

This need to change and I already have a plan. Just like how I got to set aside time to write blogposts, I will set aside time to do other important stuff during the day. Within a week or two, I will be up to task. Also, I hate how more challenges keep coming whenever I find ingenious solutions. Can’t I catch a break? 😢

Change in priorities

Full disclosure, I have been doing things based on what I wrote on my 2019 goal list. It has been working to some degree but nowadays it feels like I’m putting too much emphasis on the goal rather than the how to get there.

No, I’m not going to discard the goals. They are there for a reason. What I will do is just change my focus to the tiny habits I have on a daily basis. I can’t be telling myself I want to be writing down something every day when all I do is check my phone constantly. It’s going to be an interesting couple of months to come.

What I love and hate about me trying to change things up is how frightening it can be. It’s a new challenge that I have tasked myself with and I have no idea if it will work. Only time will tell, I guess.

The blog’s performance

It’s no surprise that the blog is doing well this year. I mean, the numbers are increasing and the number of subscribers are also increasing (Thank you). Normally, I would be happy and telling everyone about it but I’m not excited; I’m scared shitless.

Numbers barely mean anything to me at this time. All that matters to me is the quality of the content that I publish. I remember a few months back when I was doing this creative writing stuff and it barely got any views. That bothered me for a while and I made an emphasis to boost views. The views, indeed, have been coming but are they are a good indicator that my content is good?

Think about it, just because I ate at your restaurant doesn’t mean that your food is any good. I may eat there and never come back. Same case applies here. Just because I got 150+ views in three days doesn’t mean that the same will be true next week. If I compare my level of success to the number of views, there will be a problem.

No doubt, I will be chasing the numbers. It might force me to do things I don’t like myself, like clickbait. God forbid. What I will do, however, is keep doing what I have been doing best: Writing. Because I love writing. The numbers may be good but that won’t affect the quality of my writing.

I read another book…

Atomic Habits by James Clear is the name of the book. There is so much discussed in this book (hence why it is 300 pages long) but I will only touch on a few things that caught my attention.

First, the book emphasizes the need for you to focus on the journey rather than the destination. You could say it helped me with my problem of changing priorities. James insists that it matters not whether you’ll get abs in the long run, all that matters is that you put on your workout outfit and did some exercise. It is the act of doing something that will make all the difference.

I could compare this with my initial days of this blog. Many ideas were flowing through my head about what I could write but I barely wrote any of them down because I wanted them to be perfect. They had to be perfect for me to consider writing. How wrong I was. That made me write nothing for the next three weeks which was bad given that I wanted to attract new views.

So, I decided to write something every day. It didn’t have to be that good to make it to the blog but at least it was something. I began doing this at the beginning of the year and a month later, I haven’t run out of things to write. You can see why I began this post with that first paragraph. It’s amazing really. A few months back, writing 500 words was a chore; now I write 1000 words and more every day.

Most of the stuff you see in the blog are just one or two good ones written in a week. The rest are what I like to call “Just because”.

James also insists that you stick to what you do even if it gets boring. Getting tired of writing posts? Just write a sentence or two. You don’t have to complete the story. At least you did something. It is way better than writing nothing.

And that is a wrap. Quick mentions:

  1. Arsenal won. Yaay.
  2. Four albums to be reviewed this week. Yaay.
  3. We are about to say goodbye to February. WTF man? Wasn’t it January like a week ago? 😅
  4. I suck at Rocket League. I need proper training.

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