Ariana Grande – Thank you, next Album Review

Months following Mac Miller’s death and breaking up with Pete Davidson, Ariana Grande is back with another album. It has been roughly six months after Sweetener dropped and we already have Thank You, Next (which apparently took two weeks to record). To be honest, it has been a turbulent six months for her with Miller’s fans throwing shade at her for whatever reason and Davidson was just being petty about the break up.

Well, we have this new record which acts as a response to all this drama surrounding her life as a pop icon. What do I think of it? It’s bold, explicit and I dare say a new side of Miss Grande.

What I like

The lyrical themes of this album steal the spotlight. Unlike Sweetener, which was more RnB inspired, this one is more introspective. Ariana is more expressive of what’s going around her life. It’s amazing how you can get to express to express yourself through music rather than ranting on social media.

Let’s begin with the big one: her relationships. Jeez, she has had it rough. Instead of her playing victim of bad relationships, she thanks her former partners for teaching her useful lessons. She also addresses how she isn’t doing okay given what has been happening but still manages to put on a brave face. I can’t imagine how heavy her heart was when she was recording these songs. Then we go from real talk to straight savage. Break up with your girlfriend, I’m bored. Well…damn.

As for the production, it’s great. More laid back than what we got with Sweetener. I dig it because emphasis is put on what Ariana’s voice and whatever she has to say. Some songs are inspired by everyone’s favorite subgenre, Trap music. What a time to be alive. It is interesting to hear Ariana saying adlibs like “Skkrr Skkrr”. Who knew Migos would change the music industry?

One thing we can’t ignore is how explicit this album is. 10 out of the 12 songs are rated E for Explicit on Apple Music. She sounds edgier than any of her previous efforts. I like it. Is this her complete transition from a Teen star to pop icon? I think so. We also can’t ignore that there are 12 tracks in the album. Thank you. At least someone is paying attention.

What I don’t like

This may be irrelevant but I have to say it. I feel like Sweetener has been put in the Lost and Found section. It’s funny how she released a music video for Breathing and moments later released Thank you, Next as her next single. However, given the rate at which shit was going down, new material needed to come out.

I still love Sweetener though.

The Verdict

Bold, explicit and daring is how I can describe this new album. I still can’t believe it took two weeks to record this great album. Give credit where it is due. I hope better things are coming to Miss Grande in the near future. 9/10.

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