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The new wave of Kenyan Music is trash

Pure trash.

Yup, you are not reading this wrong. The kind of music we are getting these days is pure trash. I guess we have to thank Ethic for starting this new wave. No, scratch that. We have to thank the audience for allowing this wave to continue. It’s crazy how we consider such people to be talented. God, I feel like killing myself right now.

Entertainers, not Artists

Get the difference please. When you listen to songs like Lamba Lolo, Fuck boy or Matako, do you really think that they should qualify as good music? Absolutely not. If we are to rank them in the hall of quality music, they wouldn’t stand a chance. But, music is a form of entertainment.

See, the reason why Ethic got so popular is because the people were entertained by the concept. Not the song. Just the concept of it. Remember that Lamba Lolo originated from some memes and Ethic was just riding on the bandwagon. Since people related to the meme, they could at least relate to the song. And from the song arose other memes, especially from some lyrics. It was all about entertainment and barely anything to do with talent, as I keep seeing in the YouTube comments.

Thanks to them, however, we are seeing all kinds of music being accompanied with raunchy videos. Everyone has seen how it worked for Ethic and they also want a share of the cake. This was seen with the song Krimino which is pure trash. Which brings me to my next issue

The Quality is Lacking

In as much as these guys are gaining overnight success with their songs, they aren’t any good. No lie, these guys shouldn’t be considered as artists for many reasons. I saw this #PlayKenyanMusic trending on Twitter and I was laughing my ass off.

First of all, it seems we don’t really understand what good music is. As far as I’m concerned, what passes as hit songs in this country (Kenya) are basically club hits. Songs that you can dance to in a club or party. That’s all.

And no, don’t tell me how the rap music we listen to doesn’t make sense. Of course it doesn’t. I have already discussed about this before so go here if you want more details. You can’t justify your trash music by pointing at other trash music. Doesn’t work that way.

What makes me worried is how the bad songs are getting popular while the good ones are barely getting any recognition. This has more to do with the kind of people we are in this country rather than what is being put out. You want more songs that talk about sex and condoms? Why not make one group famous and see other people do that as well. Unbelievable.

I sincerely hope that these people don’t want to be taken seriously because like their music, they are just jokes. Sad, but true. There is one reason why I can’t take them seriously

Their lyrical themes

The biggest consumers of music are the kids. Kids are the reason why Despacito has so many views on YouTube. Kids like keeping up with the latest trends. So, when they see that the hottest song right now is Matako, we have a problem on our hands.

Remember that kids follow the latest trends. When your music is all about sex and condoms, the kids will definitely want to try it. It’s a bad situation as it is. Not that the adult demographic is any better, they equally behave like kids. I asked one guy why he loves Position by Ethic, he responded by mentioning how everyone likes it. What?

Sometimes I wonder if people do think for themselves because at this stage, I don’t think we do. Not with this kind of music. Like, why would you like a song named Panua? Why? Oh dear, I’m about to lose my cool.

On a positive note…

There is only one thing we can conclude from this new wave: the utilization of social media. It has been proven by these individuals that you don’t need to go all out with marketing expenses. All you have to do is share the content and voila, you are an overnight sensation. What’s lacking with these guys however is quality.

I have seen people getting viral for making good music. Wouldn’t it be nice if we got more of that than these songs which sound like they were recorded in under 30 minutes? Come on guys, we can be better than this.

What I would find interesting is when someone decides to come out with a full project, sounds good and gets all the praise. I would want that so bad. Let’s make it a reality.

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