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My Favorite Games of All Time

Gaming is life.

Gaming isn’t a new concept to me. I have been hooked to it since the PS2 era and I still get to play some games to date. Well, not as much because life. Anyway, I have great memories to be shared throughout my years of gaming so I decided to be a little nostalgic.

Right now, I have an Ultrabook which can handle some games well but not all. Besides, I didn’t buy it to play games rather I bought it for blog productivity. Damn, I really love this blog. My plans for next year maybe is to save up for a gaming rig. Maybe. Things might change.

Before that, here is a list of the games I really enjoyed playing. Note that I have missed out on some really awesome games like Uncharted, The Last of Us and The Legend of Zelda because of exclusivity. However, I plan to stick to PC because it makes more sense to own a PC in this day and age than a console. That’s right, I’m a PC fan boy. Come at me console peasants.

Let’s go through the list before we fight.

Splinter Cell Chaos Theory

One word to describe this game: intense. Metal Gear Solid may have popularized the stealth action genre but Chaos Theory took it up a notch. You are Sam Fisher, a spy operative for Third Echelon. He finds himself intertwined in global politics with the access of kernels that could bring about the beginning of the Third World War.

It’s funny how messed up the story was given that it was a PS2 game. Heck, I think there is a PC version of it. Might as well play it again. What’s makes it be in the list is the gameplay. Stealth gaming has never been so intense and yet so rewarding. I’ll admit, I played mine in the normal difficulty but I have no regrets. I completed the whole campaign. You can’t tell me shit.

If you can find this game, by all means, play it.

God of War 2

Athena! You will suffer for this!

Who doesn’t love Kratos? The ruthless Ghost of Sparta who kills without thinking twice and beats you to a pulp. I enjoyed the first game showing us his rise from a mortal to a god. The second game, however, went all out with the plot. Basically, Kratos is mad that the gods of Olympus didn’t get rid of his nightmares of him killing his family as they promised and he now has turned to reckless wars.

This gets the attention of Zeus who kills him for getting out of control but Gaia resurrects him and tells him there is a way to enact revenge. What does he have to do? Go to the Sisters of Fate and go back to the time when Zeus killed him and enact his revenge. Besides the crazy story, it’s amazing how accurate the creators got their Greek mythology right. My favourite had to be The Icarus.

As much as I loved this game, this is the last God of War game I have ever played. Don’t get me started on how awesome God of War 3 and the reboot are. Sucks not to own a PlayStation right now.

Yakuza 2

Another sequel that I adore. Yakuza is all about the Yakuza mafia in Japan. What’s interesting is that I have never completed the first game because I could never seem to find it. I only found the sequel. I’m in luck however because the remake is coming to Steam so I’ll definitely play it.

Anyway, the story is about Kazuma Kiryu who, once again, finds himself in mafia shenanigans. I can’t remember much of the story but I remember having a good time playing it. While the controls weren’t anything spectacular, the story kept me going to see what would happen next. Plus, who doesn’t love Japanese story-telling. They always have this dark turn of events; you’ll never know what happens next.

Tomb Raider (2013)

I still love this game. It is one game that took me by surprise. I remember the first time playing it on my laptop: chills. Lara and her crew are shipwrecked and stranded in a mysterious island. They try to find their way out only to realize that they are not alone and that the island is haunted. The more hours you played this game, the more twisted the story got. Damn, I still remember some cut scenes which gave me the creeps for a couple of nights.

What amazed me about the whole game is the development of Lara Croft. You begin with her being that innocent explorer and by the end of it, a ruthless warrior. Plus, the environment was huge. There were so many things to do in the game given that it is a sixth gen game. I really can’t say much about the sequels because my laptop can’t play them. Seriously, I need to build a PC like right now.

Devil May Cry (DMC)

Hear me out. Yes, I didn’t like what they did with Dante but one thing is for sure, the game was a pleasure to play. What made the whole game enjoyable were the gameplay mechanics; never did I have so much freedom to play around with weapons in Devil May Cry game. It still is the only game where you can get crazy combos.

Yes, the story was dumb AF, Dante didn’t need a reboot and the exclusion of many characters from the original story was baffling enough. Still, Ninja Theory released a dope ass game.


There is a reason why the Need for Speed franchise may never recover; simulation racing. Back then, it was fun to drive around and go nuts with the vehicles offered to you. Remember how awesome it was to be chased around by the cops? Good times. However, with advancements in game developments, it is easy to make simulation games than before. Formula 1 is such a kind of game.

The real sport is thrilling enough to watch and it is even more exciting when you play it. Seriously, which one would you pick: a simulation game that makes you feel like Lewis Hamilton or a game that doesn’t even turn like a real car? What I love about the game is how unpredictable it gets. One moment you are leading in the race, the next you have a puncture and you need to pit in for tyre replacement. How about when your brakes get too hot to brake properly. You’ll be forced to brake earlier than usual just to avoid exceeding track limits.

Don’t get me started on the aggressive AI. 😢

Project Cars 2

If you want a car simulation game that it isn’t Formula 1, then Project Cars 2 is the right game for you. While the first game was great by all means, it didn’t have as many cars or as many tracks as its sequel does. That’s why I chose the second game.  

No two cars drive the same. It isn’t the same when you brake at the Nubugrin with a Ford Fiesta like you do with a McLaren 720S. Not forgetting the long and deep career mode that can take forever to complete, this is the best racing game you can get out there. It simply is that good. Sorry Need for Speed, your time is up.


Say all you want about GTA V and its online support but GTA IV was one heck of a game. The highlight being the dark story being told of Niko Bellic and the difficult choices he has to make. It was a dark game in general. So dark that Rockstar Games removed most of the elements that made Grand Theft Auto fun to play. There were no car customizations, no change of haircuts and you couldn’t even drive a tank or an aeroplane.

What we got instead was a serious game that pushed the limits of the PS3 and Xbox 360 (until GTA V was released). However, you can’t deny how good the story was. They even had to release two expansion DLCs just to make sure every plot hole left in the main game was finally put to rest. Like what happened to the diamonds that Niko kept on chasing after. Rockstar didn’t do that with GTA V. They just push new content to the online community and make butt loads of cash. Not that I’m complaining or anything, it’s just that I don’t spend so much time playing games online.

L.A. Noire

This is the only game that lets you play as a detective. You get to interview suspects and witnesses, collect evidence from the crime scenes and apprehend the culprits. The story makes the experience even richer with you playing as Detective Cole Phelps, a World War 2 soldier now a detective who wants to be the best at what he does.

It’s funny how the plot shows the protagonist’s cracks in character. The highlight of it all being portrayed in the Black Dalia case. That case was solved after 6 cases of similar killings. That was the best plot twist in the whole game. However, I didn’t like how the game came to an end. Still enjoyed being a detective though.

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

Another Rockstar game. Are they the best game publisher in the world? Yes, they are. San Andreas is my personal favorite GTA of all time. What’s not to like? Having three cities in one game; the beautifully told story; the plethora of customizations; the 90s music. Damn, that was one good game.

In today’s world, it hasn’t aged well. Especially the game mechanics but I can sure appreciate it for being the game that pushed the PS2’s 32MB RAM to the limit. Can you believe that the PS2 only had 32 MB of RAM? And it could run San Andreas, God of War 2, Yakuza 2 and Need for Speed Most Wanted. That console was way ahead of its time. Such a shame that consoles are slowly becoming PCs.


Wow, I don’t know how to describe this game. It is over-the top, crazy, thought-provoking and fun to play. Just think about this for a moment, you are a witch whose aim is to fight angels by releasing demons from your hair, which also covers her body. So, when she releases the demons, she becomes naked. Let that sink in for a moment.

Don’t get me started on the numerous sexual inuendos that are repeated throughout the game. And yes, the game will totally kick your ass. You might finish a level but you’ll probably get a D rating for not trying harder. The funny thing is that no matter how hard you try, the AI will still kick your ass. This is one of those games that might force you to quit gaming altogether.

Call of Duty: Black Ops

Not all Call of Duty games were bad. Some were actually great. Like the original Black Ops. Not the new one where it’s trying so hard to be Call of Duty but also wants to be Fortnite and PUBG at the same time. The original game was one heck of a ride with you playing CIA agent Mason who is mixed in the Cold War shenanigans.

The plot was well told and the campaign was so lengthy that I was at one point wondering when it would all come to an end. Damn, I miss the good old days. The sequel was also fine but it didn’t give me good memories like the first one did.

Batman: Arkham City

The best Batman video game ever. If you want to feel like the dark knight, this is the game for you. I’m not so sure about Arkham Knight because it was poorly optimized for PC. I don’t even know if it’s still worth a buy today.

What do you get in this game? Everything and so much more. The chemistry between Batman and the Joker makes the game so much fun to play. Credit to the other characters such as Penguin, Two Face, Catwoman, Poison Ivy and even Solomon Grundy and many others. This was a well-made game and deserved all the praise it got.

Those are my picks? Yes, I’m aware that I have to keep up with current generation games but for another day. Not now. Great games age like fine wine. I’m sure I’ll get to play them one day.

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