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Is Christianity a Hoax?

Yeah, I better hide somewhere.

This is a question that can shake the very existence of humanity as we know it. Heck, I could be disowned by my own family and friends because of this question. However, this is an important question because there are several cracks and plot holes in religion that leaves a lot to be desired. This is especially true for Christianity.

You should know I was born a Roman Catholic and I have no control over that fact. Before I could make that decision, that’s where I found myself. There are a lot of positive things to talk about the Catholic Church but they are immediately nullified by the facts that I’m about to dig into. Note that these are my genuine questions that I keep asking myself and I am yet to get proper answers. For those who keep making me refer back to the Bible, I have to ask…

Is the Bible a credible source of information?

Think about it. Is it? I remember asking my Christian Education teacher about who wrote the Bible and she gracefully answered that it was written by men inspired by God. It was a good answer for me as a kid but as I have grown up, I have taken it to be a load of nonsense.

For starters, what does it mean to be inspired by God? Aren’t we all inspired by God in one way or another through art, music, writing and innovation? Plus, it doesn’t mean that they actually witnessed those events as it is described in the books. E.g. why are the accounts of Jesus’ life different in the gospels? Why do synoptic gospels exist? Who is really telling the truth?

It gets worse when historical evidence has suggested that the Bible was compiled by a group of guys who saw it fit to have 66 books only as the only source of information that talks about God to last centuries. Really? How would a group of human beings know what’s best for the rest of humanity? It doesn’t make sense. What’s even crazy is how people seem to try to understand God in only 66 books. Which brings me to my next point:

No one really knows the true nature of God…

Except God. The most ridiculous thing I have ever heard in my life is how God is a “jealous God”. What? How? I mean, that’s the Alpha and Omega. How can the divine being be jealous? Let it sink in; the being that created the universe (which we barely understand) is jealous because of some mammals with a consciousness. Crazy, I tell you.

Sometimes I think we take God the same manner we do with our parents. As a matter of fact, that is what happens. The problem is that kind of love we get from our parents is conditional. They’ll appreciate you as long as you don’t disappoint them. Ever notice how angry they get when you don’t do what they require of you? They become different people entirely. For you to be on their good side, you have to do as they say.

Unfortunately, that’s the same thing with God. We consider Him/Her (more on this later) to be the parent who will ignore us if we go against His/Her wishes. Once again, it’s crazy how we consider God to be like a parent and still associate God with unconditional love. I think we don’t understand unconditional love let alone love.

By now, some of you are thinking about telling me about how the world needs order. True, but the rules we have here on earth are mainly made-up. Otherwise,

What’s the point of free will?

The only natural laws that govern us are the laws of physics. Everything else is made up. Heck, religion itself was made up. One rule that does stand out is the Cause and effect rule. Do as you wish but be ready to deal with the consequences of your actions. That’s pretty much it.

When we have so many do’s and don’ts in the world, it can make you go mad. I recently had an epiphany when my lecturer was teaching the class about professional ethics. He mentioned that there was no need for us to be learning about ethics because we are beings with the capacity of making the right decisions at any given time. But, since people are yet to realize that they can think for themselves, we are forced to go through pointless lessons on how to behave.

This is also true in Christianity. We are constantly reminded on what not to do but still do them anyway. Why is this the case? Because the rules are made up. Trust me, if these rules really were from God, they would have an immediate effect like what we see with the law of gravity.

Please don’t tell me about Judgement day and all that. We just established that God isn’t that petty to be bothered about what we do here. If She did, we wouldn’t be having thieves running our governments, drug lords ruining the community and have several cases of wife-coveting. Of course, you can do something about it but you seem to be patient waiting for a horse chariot come down from the skies. Not like it’s bothering me or anything, that’s just you.

I’m just pointing out the untapped powers you have to make this world a better place.

It’s a chauvinist religion

No lie. Why do we consider God to be a He? Time and time again, we have seen women being substantially the better gender than the male. If these facts are to be taken seriously, God would probably be better off as a female. However, it would be naïve for us to categorize a Divine being to a specific gender given that The Creator created everything.

What I’m trying to say is that this simple misconception is what has made Christianity a chauvinist religion. You don’t see female priests, bishops or popes in the Catholic church. There are female pastors in the protestant churches but they still worship a male God.

Don’t believe me? Why does religion ask women to be submissive to their husbands? You know very well that shit doesn’t work in the 21st Century. Plus, their advice on how to have successful marriages isn’t working. Otherwise there wouldn’t be so many divorce cases today. It’s not a coincidence. And no, don’t start saying that they aren’t well conversed with the word of God because here is the shocking truth:

There is no right way of living

It’s just a matter of preference. That’s it. You can’t be judging me for what I believe in or what I stand for. As far as I am concerned, it’s none of your business. Don’t tell me about how accepting Christ as your Lord and Savior is the true way to salvation because other religions wouldn’t exist. Btw, their faith is also strong so your argument is hanging on a thin thread.

I haven’t even brought up the fact that atheists live better lives than religious people. That’s just proof that there is no right way of living life. It’s a free world man. Don’t be so bitter about why I’m not a religious nut.

At the end of the day, I still think Christianity doesn’t answer all questions. Not that I expect it to. It is impossible for anyone to tell me raw truth as it is about everything. Like I said, we don’t know the true nature of the universe and God. We don’t even know our purpose here (and it isn’t to serve God. You don’t even know who you are serving). For the most part, Christianity serves as a scapegoat for people to believe in something. Sad, but true.

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