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Dreezy – Big Dreez Album Review

She’s right, there is no competition.

You know, we need more female rappers in the mainstream music. Nicki is slowly bowing out, Cardi is…well, Cardi. We can’t be forced to be making choices between two women. There must be diversity in the game. Luckily, my concerns have been addressed.

We have Dreezy, a rapper from Chicago. She has been a star on the rise and is still soaring to new heights. This is her second studio album which means she is no stranger to the industry. What I don’t know for sure is what she brings to the table in terms of diversity. You’ll see what I’m going on about in the next few minutes.

What I like

Let’s get the obvious things out of the way:

  • Dreezy is a good rapper.
  • I like the album production.
  • Album length is acceptable (10 tracks).

However, I don’t want to talk about these facts. They are self-explanatory. What I do want to talk about is…

What I don’t like

To be honest, the album is fine. Just fine.

Sure, she spits some solid bars here and there and the features do a great job but when you look at it as a general package, it’s the same old package we get from Nicki and Cardi. Don’t believe me? Let’s go through our checklist that must be included in a female rapper’s album.

  1. Bragging. Check.
  2. Money. Check
  3. Songs about relationships and heartbreaks. Check.
  4. Sex. Check
  5. Strip club hits? Check.

Believe it or not, that’s what we got from Queen, Invasion of Privacy and now, Big Dreez. I hoped for it to be something different than what I have had before. Unfortunately, it isn’t and that is something to be concerned about. Why are they all trying to be the same?

The good thing with the male demographic is that diversity exists. We have the poetic rappers, trap artists, mumble rappers and even the gangsta rappers. When it comes to female rappers, they seem to be doing the same thing.

What I’m trying to say is that female MCs need to spice up the industry. You can’t fool me when you declare that they are different when they are clearly releasing the same stuff. I can see through it; I’m probably sure other people do too. It’s not that hard to tell.

The Verdict

I’m disappointed by it. My expectations were set way up with the hope of getting some lyrical diversity. But, I didn’t. Even if I were to ignore all of these issues, fact still remains that it’s still an okay album. I would do without the RnB tracks and steer away from the bragging kind of rap. Again, it’s just okay. 6.8/10

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